Since this wiki uses CSS background script, the theme designer background changer won't work. The reason why we use CSS script is because our wiki's background is bigger than maximum allowed by the theme designer, and CSS bypasses this limitation. However, this causes a new problem: new admins may not be able to change the background because they change it from the theme designer and NOT from  the CSS editor. To prevent this, we've made this guide to help you change the background.


  1. Find the background image URL you want to use. Both wiki and external images will work.
  2. Go to Special:CSS.
  3. Find this script (press Ctrl+F and paste this) { background: url('
  4. After the url section, you'll find a link to the picture. Change it to the picture URL you want, go back to the picture's page and copy the image URL. Paste it on the current background URL (which will overwrite it). DO NOT REPLACE ANYTHING ELSE. IT WILL BREAK THE SCRIPT.
  5. Press "Publish", after published, press Ctrl+F5 to bypass the browser's cache and see the new background image.


  • If it doesn't work, or even changes to the theme designer background, it means that you BROKE the script. Revert it, and try again.
  • If you still can't change the background, try contacting another admin/bureaucrat for help. They should be able to change the background without much problems.

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