They had a bit of trouble getting to Naboo in the first place, with Podracers racing through and whatnot.  However they did manage to make it.  Unfortunately, they made it by getting transported into the past.  And by past I mean the time when Jabba the Hutt had taken over Naboo.  They decided to split up into groups.

"What are we supposed to do now?" asked Twin Sunflower.

"Ask that question later.  We have a more important thing to worry about." said Heavenly Peach.

"What?" asked Twin Sunflower.

"The fact that the glitching ship transported us into the future and we're immediately going to get enslaved by Jabba the Hutt." said Heavenly Peach.

"Ah.  In that case . . ." started Twin Sunflower, but she was interrupted by Jabba.

"Balls and chains, balls and chains, I love balls and chains!" he sang, very badly.

"Jabba, no offense, but your singing is probably more torture than the Sarlacc Pit." said Heavenly Peach.

"Okay, I'm sure you getting eaten by Sarlaccs can be arranged." said Jabba.

"Nice try." said Heavenly Peach, swinging her ball and chain at Jabba.

"Ha ha!  The only one who ever defeated me was . . ." started Jabba.

"Luke Skywalker himself." said Peashooter.

"You're not Luke, though, so how can you defeat me?" asked Jabba.

"Ask not how I can defeat you, ask how all of us can defeat you!" said Peashooter, revealing plants behind him, as well as Jar Jar.  Before Jabba could react, he was chained up.

"Balls and chains, balls and chains, I love balls and chains!" Heavenly Peach sang as they went through the portal.

"Long story." said Twin Sunflower.

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