They checked out a bunch of cool places is Chomp Town. Only one was left: the Chomp Town Movie Theater.

"Which movie should we see?" asked Laser Bean.

"Ooh, look. They released a Star Wars spinoff. Star Wars: The Mysterious Ship. Sounds cool." said Lightning Reed.

"I saw the preview. Apparently, a mysterious ship glitches and sends a huge wave throughout all of the galaxy, causing things to happen, like Qui-Gon Jinn coming back to life and Anakin Skywalker rapidly changing between Jedi and Sith." said Toxic Pea. They got tickets and sat down. The movie was good at first. It had gotten pretty mixed up when the ship glitched. Count Dooku was also rapidly changing. Luke was transported into the past and the future. Jar Jar was trying to feed Jabba the Hutt to Sarlacc. But then something happened that couldn't be understood.

"Did I just see a giant pea fly across the screen?" Sunflower asked Repeater.

"Just the glitching ship." said Repeater. Then they saw where the pea came from.

"JAR JAR BINKS!?" exclaimed everyone.

"Quick! We need to get to the portal fast!" said Peashooter, and they did. Fast. They jumped in without thinking and landed on an old, deserted place. There wasn't a tree in sight. They were the only plants around. It was so hot there were two suns. There was only one place they could be.

"Tatooine." said Peashooter under his breath.

"What?" questioned Coconut Cannon.

"Dr. Zomboss wanted to banish the Plantmasters as far from the town as possible. Three guesses where he chose. First two don't count." said Peashooter.

"A galaxy far far away, a galaxy far far away, a galaxy far far away." said Marigold.

"Right. So then the Plantmasters disguised themselves as Star Wars characters. All we know now is that Omega Pea, the Plantmaster version of me, disguised himself as Jar Jar. And what's the best place to look for a gungan?" asked Peashooter.

"Naboo." said all of Threepeater's heads.

"So that's where we'll go." said Peashooter.

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