"What are we supposed to do exactly?" asked Lightning Reed.

"Okay.  There are a few parts of the story I didn't tell you because you didn't need to know them.  There are some secret portals into the world the Plantmasters were banished to, but only plants who were made more powerful can use them.  All of them are in places with large versions of plants.  There's one portal in Driftwood Shores, inside the Mega Flower Lighthouse." said Peashooter.

"Isn't that where the Mega Power Flower is?" asked Twin Sunflower.

"No, no, no!  There's a difference between the Mega Flower Lighthouse and the Mega Power Flower!" explained Chomper.

"There's another portal in Cactus Canyon.  The closest one is in Driftwood Shores, but the zombies have probably seen that the paper's missing and they'll have figured out that the next place we go will be a portal.  If we go to Driftwood Shores it'll be too obvious.  We need to go to some out of the way place, not too close and not too far.  The second-closest is Chomp Town." said Peashooter.

"I can build the stuff we need for a simple car-boat-plane thing in a few hours, but it'll be useless except for show." said E. M. Peach.

"I'll rig it.  It'll be like the training room: E. M. Peach built the machinery, and I rigged it together." said Tile Turnip.

"Great!" said Peashooter.  After they made the vehicle and set off, it was a long journey.  Peashooter was reduced to playing a card game with Repeater.

"Threepeater card.  You lose three of your cards." said Repeater.

"Not so fast.  Wall-Nut card.  You lose three of your cards instead." said Peashooter.

"We're here." announced Citron, who was driving.

"Woohoo!" said Peashooter, throwing the deck in the air.  Years later, they'd find a Cherry Bomb card stuck in a pipe.

"Nothing a little tech can't handle." said Laser Bean, using his latest form of laser, matter manipulator, to recreate a few lost cards and put the deck back together.

"Chomp Town.  My old hometown." said Chomper.

"Let's do a little sightseeing first.  We have time." said Hot Rod Chomper.  Off they went, looking out for the sights, sounds, and tastes of Chomp Town.

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