Peashooter and Threepeater ran outside and were greeted by some goo to the face.

"Chomper?  You spit goo at us?" asked Peashooter.

"No, no, no!  Everyone always gets confused!  It was a Scientist!  He shoots goo, I spit goop!" said Chomper.

"What's the difference?" asked Peashooter.

"I think goop is thicker." said Bonk Choy, passing by while punching a zombie in the face.

"Let's get to it!" said Peashooter, and they did.  Zombies were defeated left and right.  Sunflower shot a few suns at the last zombie, and that was it.

"What's this?  It says something about super powerful plants or something." said Chili Bean, picking up a piece of paper.

"Oh.  No." said Sunflower.

"What?" asked Chili Bean.

"Very few plants know this, but this is an emergency.  You all need to know.  Originally, the town was just graveyards everywhere and zombies.  Then humans came about two hundred something years ago and set up houses.  They needed something to protect them from zombies.  Crazy dave came around about thirty or so years ago and started working on a secret formula.  Then, he unveiled his creation: the Plantmasters.  Their job was to protect the town from zombies.  Then one day, Dr. Zomboss used his technology to banish the Plantmasters into another world.  Crazy Dave opened up Bloom and Doom Seed Co., which sold miniature versions of the Plantmasters.  Then the company expanded and grew into the plants we know today.  Crazy Dave then built the Mega Power Flower so we were more powerful than most plants, but not so powerful that Dr. Zomboss would banish us.  When we stopped the zombies from destroying the Mega Power Flower, we also destroyed most of Dr. Zomboss' tech.  Now, the zombies are probably searching for a way to travel into the world the Plantmasters were banished to, because the Plantmasters know a secret way to destroy the Mega Power Flower.  Only the plants that were modeled after Plantmasters and made more powerful with the Mega Power Flower can complete this quest, but any plant that has been made more powerful can help the way there.  We need all the help we can get." said Peashooter.

"Which plants are modeled after Plantmasters?" asked Doom-Shroom.

"Me, Sunflower, Wall-Nut, Potato Mine, Chomper, Cactus, Snow Pea, Cherry Bomb, Snapdragon, Bloomerang, Bonk Choy, Cabbage-Pult, Kernel-Pult, Puff-Shroom, Lightning Reed, Flaming Pea, and Iceberg Lettuce." said Peashooter.

"Let's do this." said Iceberg Lettuce.

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