If Peashooter had to choose one word to describe how he felt, it would be bored-because that's exactly how he felt.  Bored.

"What's up, bro?" asked Peashooter's brother Repeater.

"Nothing," replied Peashooter, "and that's the problem.  Ever since we stopped the zombies from destroying the Mega Power Flower, nothing has happened.  I've barely seen a zombie since then.  I'm having trouble just hunting down Browncoats!"

"Well, the new training room is done.  Maybe you could check that out." suggested Repeater.

"Okay." said Peashooter, hyper-dashing towards the training room.  The expert mechanics on the plant team, Tile Turnip and E. M. Peach, had been working on it ever since the zombies failed to destroy the Mega Power Flower, the source of power that made the plants stronger than they'd ever be without it.  If it was destroyed, the zombies could overpower the plants and zombify the town.  Peashooter reached the training room, inserted a small token Tile Turnip had given all the plants, and entered.

"This place is cool." he thought, looking around and seeing some huge machinery.  Whenever you combined Far Future plants and huge machinery, something cool would come out.

"Hey, Peashooter." said a voice.  Peashooter startled.

"Threepeater?  You're running the place?" asked Peashooter.

"We have a lot of experience playing video games, so Tile Turnip chose us to run the place, since all the menus and controls and stuff would be familiar." explained the head on the left.

"So, what kind of simulation do you want?" asked the head on the right.

"Simulation?" questioned Peashooter.

"Sure.  You pick what zombies to fight, how many, where to fight them, and BOOM!  You've set up a simulation.  It looks pretty real." said the head in the middle.

"Okay.  Do you have, like some premade simulations?  If so, just get a medium one." said Peashooter.

"Sure.  You'll be fighting about 20 Browncoats, 15 Coneheads, 10 Bucketheads, a couple Soldiers, and a couple Footballers in the Suburban Flats." said the head on the right.

"Bring it on." said Peashooter, and Threepeater pressed some buttons.  Suddenly the room was filled with zombie holograms, houses, trees, and cars.  Peashooter hopped up to a treehouse and took out some zombies with Pea Gatling.  Then he launched a Chili Bean Bomb to deal with a gang of Bucketheads.  he was just about to fire a pea at a Browncoat and beat the simulation when Sunflower came running in.

"The zombies invaded our base and are attacking a garden!" she exclaimed.

"No biggie.  Come on, let's do this.  Just gotta reload." said Peashooter, firing the last pea.  It was a direct hit.

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