Hi, guys, this is my second fanfic - DEEPAKRAJJ1

PVZ HD - With Crazy Dave, Penny and plants


  • Crazy Dave
  • Penny


There are many plants in this story. All plants contains from PVZ series; PVZ1 & PVZ2


There are many zombies in this story. All zombies contains from PVZ series; PVZ1 & PVZ2.

Part 1: The BeginningsEdit

Scene 1: In the Lawn

(The scene begins with Plants on the lawn.)

Peashooter: Well, nice morning and sun rises today brightly.

Sunflower: Due to sun is bright, I'm getting more suns today.

Tall-nut: Hey, guys, don't you feel bored.

Peashooter: I'm bored man by standing.

Sunflower: Yep!? Let's ask to Crazy Dave what to do now.

Wall-nut: Alright, let's go. Hey, Tall-nut come on.

Tall-nut: I'm coming, guys.

(The plants enters in Crazy Dave's house where is seen that Crazy Dave is taking rest.)

Crazy Dave: Ah, nice dreams on the sleep.....!!

Peashooter: Dave, wake up Dave!! WAKE UP!!

(Crazy Dave by hearing Peashooter's voice, he wakes by scared.)

Crazy Dave: TGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!! Ah, anyway I got some nice rest. What's up my friends?

Potato Mine: It's getting bored for us without doing anything.

Crazy Dave: Yeah yeah yeah! I'm also geting bored. WAIT!? Where's Penny?

Penny: I'm here, User Dave.


Peashooter: Penny!?

Crazy Dave: Oh, let me introduce you to my friends. Hey, friends - it's Penny, my time machine, but like daughter.

Sunflower: Nice to meet you.

Penny: Hi, plants. I can help you too, could you let me also to be my friends, PLEASE!?

All plants: Accepted.

Peashooter: Now, you're one of us.

Repeater: It's good to have one backup for us.

(The new voice hears.)

Penny: Huh!? What's that.

(Crazy Dave sees the widow where the zombies are shown coming to his house for taking the brains.)

Crazy Dave: Oh no, the ZOMBIES!!

All plants: What!?

Peashooter: Hey, good idea. Now we won't get bored. My idea is - we're going to be enjoy on fighting up the zombies.

Sunflower: Yoo hoo! Now's let go, buddy.

Tall-nut: As a protector, I will come.

(The plants comes down and sees Zomboss.)

Zomboss: Welcome, the names Dr. Edgar Zomboss. I hope you know me, hmm... Now that's not the matter. Here comes my creations, the zombies to defeat you.

Crazy Dave: Hey, you Zomboss. My plants are powerful than your zombies. Let's check it out.

Zomboss: Not so fast, I gotta need to do one thing. Uhmmmmmmmmm..........! GOTCHA!

(Zomboss kidnaps the energy plants except Peashooter and Sunflower.)

Tall-nut: No way. Help me! Help me!

Repeater: Tsk....!!

Cherry Bomb: My powers!! Are gone..... It's USELESS..... NOW! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

(Zomboss goes away with his zombies.)

Crazy Dave: No way. How could it be!? I..... I... need to do something. Penny!? The mission has just begun. We gotta need to deal them. Come on.

Penny: Alright.

Scene 2: In Dr. Zomboss's lab

(The scene shifts to show in Dr. Zomboss's lab.)

Dr. Zomboss90854

Zomboss: Mwaaaaaahahaha!! Now I'm having the plants of Crazy Dave. With this technic I will make the world all of zombies, hahahah!!

Repeater: I will not... leave you to do that!!

Zomboss: Huh!? USELESS!! Before you do, I will finish it off. Let the games begin, friends.


Zomboss: Hahahahha! Eeeeeeeeahahhahaha!!

Part 2: The Battle is Begun!Edit

Scene 1: In the lawn

(The scene shows in Crazy Dave's lawn.)

Crazy Dave: Aw, man. What I'm gonna do now?

Peashooter: Dave, I will help you. Those ones who are kidnapped by Zomboss are my close friends. I will not leave that mad Zomboss.

Penny: It's too hard to fight him in this way. We gotta need some few plants first.

(Two new voices are heard.)

???: I will help you guys.

???: Me too, with help of some Butters.

Crazy Dave: Huh!?

(The plants are revealed, Cabbage-pult & Kernel-pult.)

Cabbage-pult (on the lawn)

Cabbage-pult: I've heard some news. The Zomboss is going to send his whole zombies to destroy us and have the brains.

Penny: Oh no!?

Kernel-pult: Some of my brothers are there too.

Penny: You mean Melon-pult & Winter Melon.

Cabbage-pult: Absolutely.

Crazy Dave: We gotta now need to head where? Before that, I need some delicious taco for me to get some fresh.

Penny: User Dave, this only 1 taco I'm having just for you.

Crazy Dave: Oh, TACO!? Thanks, Penny!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

(Crazy Dave eats the taco.)

Crazy Dave: I need to have that taco again!!

Penny: I'm checking out where to head off........... Found it! The Ancient Egypt!

Plants and Crazy Dave: Ancient Egypt!?

Peashooter: Alright, we gotta need to head off there and fight some crazy zombies of Zomboss and help our friends. Yeee hoooo!? Come on.

Scene 2: In the Ancient Egypt (The scene begins on Ancient Egypt.)

Penny: Welcome to Ancient Egypt! Please wait for a years to get your taco untill you go till some new worlds.

Crazy Dave: What!? For a year? Anyway, it's on Ancient Egypt, huh?

Peashooter: Look over, the zombies are approaching us.

Cabbage-pult: These guys are gonna be vanished now.

Penny: These are 5 zombies only. Here, take a Plant Food, Cabbage-pult and show them who you are.

Cabbage-pult: Alright, Penny. Here comes - Hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyah!!!!

(Cabbage-pult with help of Plant Food launches many cabbages and zombies dies.)

Cabbage-pult: Woah! That's AWESOME!! I love it.

Penny: It's an example for it when you're in stuck of zombies. Here comes more zombies.

Sunflower: Wait for me. Let me create some more suns. Till that protect me Peashooter, Cabbage-pult & Kernel-pult.

All 3 plants: Ok.

(The plants - Peashooter, Cabbage-pult & Kernel-pult protects Sunflower from the zombies and saves her.)

Sunflower: Alright, this area is cleared from zombies. Let's move on to another area.

Crazy Dave: Ok, Plants & Penny - let's go.

Penny: Alright, User Dave.

UnarmedPotatoMine This fanfic is currently under construction!

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