Welcome to Neighbour Ville! Edit

Welcome to this place of wonder and weird, a place where zombie attacks happen but yet have lots of residents! Zombie attacks have been eased after the Battle of '98, So you wouldn't need to worry about zombies attacking!

2 kids, Dennis and Ellie (different gender) are twins and are going to Neighbour Ville to stay with their great uncle Dave!

Characters Edit


Crazy Dave



Unknown person (nicknamed Fritz)

All the plants


Edgar George Zomboss (shortened to Dr. Zomboss)






Stanford Pines

Dipper Pines

Mabel Pines

Minor Characters:

Bus driver

multiple unnecessary characters

Part 1: Bus trip Edit

Two completely un-identical twins, Dennis and Mabel, are taking a long bus trip to Neighbour Ville, after a "incident" happened to their home town and their parents. They were both excited.

Ellie: Are you excited Dennis?

Dennis: Kind of, but I'm not too excited.

Ellie: Well, you want to sing?

Dennis: No! I don't want to sing one of your stupid so-

Ellie: (random singing with the tune from Far Future): NEIGH-BOUR VILLE, HERE WE COME! EXCITEMENT, IS ALMOST HE-

Green hooded young adult: *spits coke* THAT, was the worst song, EVER!

Blue hooded and Green over-coated young adult: Edd, that wasn't bad!

Edd: Tom! Matt! That song was annoying like f-


Edd: You shut it, no-eyes!

*An argument breaks out, which follows with a "kind" message from the bus driver*

Bus driver: YOU THREE, GET OUT!

*The trio is kicked out of the bus*

Dennis: ...That was, well, rude.

Ellie: Agreed.

Part 2: ArrivalEdit

The bus arrived at the station of Neighbour Ville. As the twins stepped off the bus, the bus... well, wooshed off.

Dennis: That was quick.

Ellie: ...

*They started walking down the streets, until they are confronted by soldiers*

Soldier: You two! What are you doing here?

Dennis: Oh, were just both moving here to stay with our uncle Da-

Soldier: You just visited the wrong pl- wait, who were you going to stay with?

Dennis: Err... "Crazy", Dave...?

Soldier: *Speechless*

(To be added)

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