This is the story when and where the first/second PVZ events happened.

Plants Vs Zombies 2 Music - Modern Day- Mid Wave B (Graze the Roof) Extended ☿ HD ☿15:28

Plants Vs Zombies 2 Music - Modern Day- Mid Wave B (Graze the Roof) Extended ☿ HD ☿

Alternative Intro Theme, or...?

Plants vs Zombies Music - TECHNO REMIX - Roof Theme03:42

Plants vs Zombies Music - TECHNO REMIX - Roof Theme

Intro theme, Only Beginning

During the time, Dave lived in a sleepy town around USA, called Neighborville. The US government wants to turn the town into a busy area, however, are failing miserably since the townsfolk insisted and decided to keep the place peaceful. The story takes part into 1985, 2009, 2013, 2014, 2323, 40,000 B.C, 1960's, 1600's, and the Chinese Dynasties era. During Dennis and Ellie's travel through time, the zombies starts to get stronger and stronger - each day! But can Dr. Zomboss be truly stopped?

Team Fortress 2 Rocket Jump Waltz alternate version00:56

Team Fortress 2 Rocket Jump Waltz alternate version

Season Finale outro theme (if it turns into a show)

To do List: Edit

  • Finish at least 3 chapters a day.
  • Describe characters.
  • Add pics.
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    FL Studio - Rocket Jump Waltz (Guitar Remix)

    Dr. Zomboss's estate theme

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    Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack - Rocket Jump Waltz

    Outro theme

Unimportant info Edit

Wrote this at 12:08 AM.

(9/9/15) I haven't wrote a chapter in like forever. Going to try to be more active.

Characters Edit

Dr. Zomboss

Herald and his friend

Harvast P. Dan

Crazy Dave




Bonk Choy



Wall - Hard - Tall - nut

Iron Maiden(s)

Dipper (cameo)

Mabel (cameo)

Multiple unimportant zombies


Zombie King

Jester Zombie

Frozen Zombies

Attention! (Notes, I guess?) Edit

Some songs in this story are completely parodied from other songs.

Dennis and Ellie are twins, not friends.

Some locations in this story are real, i.e. Pearl River Delta.

This is heavily inspired by this link.


Herald and the unknown man are inspired from Harold and George from the Captain Underpants series.

The video transmission from chapter one is similar to Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare KVA threat message.

ATLAS is mentioned a few times through out the story, even if it didn't exist until 2040.

Dennis is inspired from a character in Roblox.

The Great Mushroom War is from Adventure Time.

The chapter "son of a bleep-blob" is a reference from Adventure Time.

Harvast Patch Dan Westnorth is a name full of references:

  • Westnorth is a name which is Northwest swapped. It is also a reference to Gravity Falls.
  • Harvast is actually "Harvest", as in farming.
  • Patch is those squares on worn-away clothings.

The name Tominic comes from C Students, created by AnimatedJames.

Pea-pants is actually a pun of the word "Pee-pants". Seems inappropriate, eh?

Battle For Dream Castle is a parody of Battle For Dream Island (BFDC and BFDI - make sense?).

Prologue - Pearl River Delta Secret Base Edit

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<AUDIO TRANSMISSION>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

???: Carry, the stupid barrel of acid...

??? and ???: Yes, Zomboss.

(Barrel drops, one of them spills)


Herald: Twice, sir.

???: Time to mop this s*** up...

(Mop is used on the acid; breaks in half)

Herald: Sir! Th-t-the... the acid! It's too powerful to clean up!

Zomboss: Shut up! Get me another barrel of acid here RIGHT NO-!

(Sudden zombie noises, brains grumbling)


Zomboss: GET THE HE(static) OUT OF HE(static) YOU BLOODY CREATU-!

(Sudden static; nothing else happens.)

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<END OF TRANSMISSION>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Chapter 1: The Threat Edit

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<VIDEO TRANSMISSION>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dr. Zomboss: Hello world. I have awaken from your sleep.

Dr. Zomboss: I have waken you up to warn you something.

Dr. Zomboss: Give me yo(static) brains so you won't be affected.

Dr. Zomboss: If you don't give us your brains, we shall kill your family, friends and everyone.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<END OF TRANSMISSION>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Time Period: The Zombie War of '87 - '93

(2 days after the transmission, the world was in danger of this inhuman professor. Governments setted up some some camps (similar to ATLAS's camp from CoD A.W.) to protect the humans, while some remained in their protective houses. Those who remained in their puny huts died, while the remainings who hid in camps survived. It was not long until Harvast P. Dan and Crazy Dave came along...)


Harvast Patch Dan Westnorth: Hey, Dave! I think I found something!

Crazy Dave: What is it?

Harvast: It's a HUGE bag full of... "special seeds pack"?

Crazy Dave: Name yo' price!

Harvast: $2000! Pay it down or lay it down!

Crazy Dave: Here. (Hands out money to Harvast) SNOOZE IT OR LOSE IT!

Harvest: Alright! Alright! Here is the bag! (Hands bag to Crazy Dave)

Crazy Dave: YES!!!

(6 hours later)

Crazy Dave: Finally... planted 'em all... took a freaking eternity...

(Crazy Dave looks around proudly in his room - he didn't have a garden back then)

Crazy Dave: *YAWN* time to go to... bed... OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHhhhhhh... (falls onto bed and sleeps)

Chapter 1.5: What the!? Edit


(Alarm rings)

Crazy Dave: WOOOOOO! I feel aliv-!

(Weird looking sunflower stares at him; Crazy Dave stares back; everyone stares at him)

Crazy Dave, some sunflower, multiple plants: ...WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?

Crazy Dave: H-h-how'd you grow so damn fast!?

Some sunflower: We're just some special growing plants that grows exceedingly quick!

Crazy Dave: What's your name?

Some sunflower: Janey.

Some Peashooter: David.

Some Repeater: John.

Some Melon-Pult and Winter-Melon: Dominic and Tominic.

Some Threepeater: Nort, Port and Lort.

Some Cattail: Meow! Woo- I mean, Meow-nee!

(Goes on for 15 minutes)

Crazy Dave: (Already about to lose his sanity) ENOUGH, MY GOD!!!

(Everyone stops)

Crazy Dave: (Frustrated expression) This is it! No more name-game!


Chapter 2: World Collapsing; Plantastic Plans Edit

(5 hours later after THAT event...)

Gatling-Pea: Alright, you Pea-Plants! Me and Captain David have talked with Crazy Dave: the world is in danger!


Wayne (Wall-nut): WHAT!?

Dayne (Tall-nut): This is an OUTRAGE!

Trayne (Hard-Nut) Unbelievable!

Layne (Iron Maiden) That is horrible!

Gatling-Pea: This is serious, you nutty Nuts! The zombies has taken over whole of Europe, Britain, Beijing, South Korea, North Korea and almost the whole of Asia! They've taken over half of USA already! WE NEED TO FIGHT BACK, DO YOU UNDERSTAND!??!?!?!

Every plant: Sir, yes, sir!

Elise and Ellie (Twin-Sunflower): S-sir, yes, sir!

(Plannings to fight back zombies)

David: Alright, plants. We need to invade Dr. Zomboss's estate by secret, or our cover will be blown! When our cover are shown, either run for your lives, or throw Chilly-Beans at the defenses!

David: once we overcome the defenses, we will secure the facility and find for a secret file: Mystery Seeds. This file is super important, and if we fail this infiltration, we'll never catch up in this war! Does anyone UNDERSTAND?

Every plant: WE UNDERSTAND!

Chapter 2.1: The Facility infiltration Edit

(Crazy Dave and the plants have set up camps near the estate, and are almost ready to infiltrate the facility)

Crazy Dave: Alright, blueberries! Quickly run over there and plant a cherry-time bomb there!

Blueberries: Yes, Master Dave!

(Blueberries sneaks to the door; plants bomb)

Blueberries' mind: (Oh glob! Gotta run!)

(Blueberries accidentally throws smoke grenade at the door; luckily lands outside when the door explodes)

Crazy Dave and others: Woah! That was nice!

Blueberries: Woooo... (collapses onto the floor, but doesn't faint)

Zombie Guard: Whatz waz zat?

Zombie Guard: Nothing. Just ignore it.

(David and Gatling-Pea sneaks like a ninja and snaps neck of the two zombie guards)

Gatling-Pea: Go go go!

(Meanwhile, Trayne was kept on a lookout with audio listeners at the roof of the facility)

Dr. Zomboss: I hear door knocks. Unless that's the Girl Scouts giving me cookies, don't open the door.

Trayne: Mike? Mike?

Mike (Chard Guard): Trayne? What's the status?

Trayne: Zomboss's on the pool relaxing. He's getting distracted.

Mike: Copy that. (Puts down headset radio)

Mike: David, get some volunteers to get girl scout uniforms.

David: Are you kidding me? Who commanded you to say that?

Mike: Trayne said that Dr. Zomboss isn't going to open the door unless it's girl scout cookies.

David: ...Wow. Why is the world so obsessed with Girl Scout Cookies now?

Mike: Don't ask me. Ask them!

Chapter 2.3: Plants as Girl Scout Cookies vs. Zombies as Guards who likes Girl Scout Cookies too much (What even...) Edit

(David assigned a few girl plants to be Girl Scout Cookies, which Janey, Meow-nee and Gary the girl Marigold took part. Though it was weird for them to actually stuff knockout powder inside the cookies, they went and risk it anyway. A few cookies aren't added with knockout powder, but most of them... too much powder in them.)

(Knock, knock!)

Zombie Guard: Who's there!?

Janey: Girl Scout Cookies!

Zombie Guard: (Opens door window) Hmmm... YES! Girl Scout Cookies are the best! You may come in.

(Zombie Guards were tricked by the disguise, even Zomboss was.)

Meow-nee: Meo- I mean, Here are the cookies, Mr. George!

Dr. Zomboss: Thank you girls! (Yes! It's been forever I've ever had Girl Scout Cookies!)

Gary: (Whispers to Janey and Meow-nee quietly) Now let's get out of here!

(Meow-nee, Janey and Gary speed-walks out of the door; Janey almost dropped the disguise, making suspicion in a few zombie guards)

Zombie Guard: Ah, George?

George (Zombie Guard): Yah, Herald?

Herald (Zombie Guard): Do you have a feeling... those Girl Scouts were... plants?

(Every one Zombie Guard except for Dr. Zomboss stared at Herald and laughs at him ridiculously.)

Herald: :(

(Seconds later, 75% of the Zombie Guards and Dr. Zomboss are fully knocked out. They couldn't be waken up.

Zombie Guard: Why arz them asleepz?

Zombie Guard: Heraldz down, so... I think they're just zleeping in joyz of Girlz Scout Cookz.

Zombie Guard: Mabez. Maybz.

(Plants busts in)

All plants, including the disguised Girl Scouts: RAISE YO' HANDS UP OR DIE!

Remaining Zombie Guards: WHOOP! S***! WE'RE UNDER AT-

(Slapped by Crazy Dave; dies)

Chapter 2.5: The file Edit

(Dayne and Layne running to the location of the Mystery Seeds file)

Dayne: Huh? What's that on that dead dude's hand?

(Layne picks up the papers)

Layne: My...ter... can't read that with my shield. Read that for me, will ya, brother?

(Dayne reads the title: Mystery Seeds page 11)

Dayne: Mystery Seeds Pa-?

Layne: Let's go to get the rest of the pages!

(15 minutes later)

(Infi-nut (Wayne) was waiting for them to get the files)

Dayne: Here's the files!

(Wayne reads 2 pages)

Wayne: This isn't any file... it's a f***ing awesome one!

(Wayne sees a Mystery Seed on the floor)

Wayne: What's that? (Picks it up and sees the label says "Mystery Seeds: Collection No. 1) YES!

Dayne: What is it?

Wayne: The seed Crazy Dave's lookin' for!

(4 hours later)

(Crazy Dave checking status on Coconut Radar: finds threatening sightings)

Crazy Dave: Oh good night Irene! I gotta move that gear up! (Gotta tell the plants)

(Whistles; plants suddenly appears)

Crazy Dave: I've found out that Dr. Zomboss...

Plants: What?

Crazy Dave: Is...

Plants: WHAT IS IT?!

Crazy Dave: About to launch a massive attack on all of America! ... And the entire world.

David: Wha-!?

Chapter 3: Plants' greatest fightback Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 4: Peace at last Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 1 Z (zombies): Plan for Revenge Wars Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 1.5 Z: SON OF A BLEEP-BLOB! Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 5: The Duo and the Adopted Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 6: Jobs, jobs, what to do? Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 7: Garden Mishaps Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 7.5: Come on, Beet! Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 2Z: That isn't any normal garden. Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 8: Midnight Battle Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 9: Desert Trip Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 3 Z: Zombie Training Mishaps Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 10: What's the date again? 40,000 B.C.!? Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 11: Start of Prehistory Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 12: The Great Wall of China Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 13: Quick! Run! Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 14: Pirate-napped! Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 4Z: Weed wackin' Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 15: Those ain't pirates! Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 16: Wild Wildz West Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 17: Farthest into the Future... Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 17.5: The Ultimate Battle of Tomorrow! Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 18: Operation Megazclouds24 Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 5 Z: Where are they? Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 19: Darkest Ages of the Plague Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 20: Battle for Dream Castle! Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 21: Home, Sweet Home! Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 22: Super Smash Bros. Tournament? Really!? Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 6 Z: Distracted Zombies Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 23: Let's go the the Beach! Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 24: That beach isn't any normal beach... Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 7 Z: Distracted Beings mean delicious brains Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 25: RETREAT!!! Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 26: Garden Mishaps 2: Chomper's Attitude Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 27: Ice (p)Age are sure sp-ICY! Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 8 Z: Brrrr! Ive gotten frostbight! Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 28: That's no snowball... that's a freezer. Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 29: Kung-Fu land of China! Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 9 Z: I can barely hold this stupid Kung-Fu stick... Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 30: Journey to the West is long... Edit

Chapter 31: End of the Journey Edit

Chapter 32: End of our adventures... for now Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 1 H (humans): Garden Mishaps 3: The Rebel Plants Strikes Back Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 2 H: Turn the Beet up! Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 3 H: One of THOSE days... Edit

Coming Soon

Bonus Human Chapter: Ellie's Sad Attitude Edit

Coming Soon

Bonus Human Chapter: Dennis' Frustration Edit

Coming Soon

Bonus Human Chapter: Fritz's Sleep Problems Edit

Coming Soon

Bonus Human Chapter: Crazy Dave's Wacky Radio Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter 10 Z: Stupid Robots Malfunctions Edit

Coming Soon

Chapter ???: Time Twistin' Edit

Chapter will release after final world of PVZ 2 is out/when announced

Chapter ??? Z: Prime Prashin' Edit

Chapter will release after final world of PVZ 2 is out/when announced

Epilogue: The Great Mushroom War Edit

Epilogue will release if Pendleton Ward air more evidence of The Great Mushroom War from Adventure Time, and even how it was caused to start.

Upcoming/Scrapped Characters Edit

108px-Screenshot 2014-08-28-21-57-10

Fat Zombie Edit

Generally a useless clumsy zombie, he is a overly obsessed undead person who ate too much brains and burger. He will be a minor threat to Crazy Dave.

Zombie Twins Edit

A lot more destructive than the Brown twins. They will be a major threat in later chapters, mostly human chapters.


Gargantuan Brothers Edit

They're both very muscular and is Gargantuar's brothers. Funny thing, is that they got them muscles from taking zombie-brand steroids, either than actually getting them, like what other gargantuans do.

Magician Card Zombie Edit

108px-Screenshot 2014-07-12-05-38-06

He was born to be a magician card, as his cards cause mass-destruction, even can end earth. However, he is rather a very off-side characters, as he is more interested in eating human food rather than brains.

"Zombie" Dog Edit

It is speculated to be very aggressive by many humans, however, it is actually a poor, hungry and stray dog, who was captured by Dr. Zomboss in hope for experiments for an actual zombie dog.. It turns out, however, to be immune to every single test liquid. The dog was originally going to be the major issue of Chapter 8, and more of a zombie.

Sir Melon, Commander Peashooter, General Tall-nut, Knight Cacti Edit

P2 - Kopya - Kopya (2)

They're the 4 most elite plants out of almost all of the plants. Gatling Pea manages to befriend them all by himself. However, Tall-nut can't really move much, but since he's very loyal and honest, they promoted him from Knight to General.

Magnet-Shroom's cousin Edit


According to Magnety, his cousin was planted by Crazy Dave, but Benson (Magnety's cousin) fell onto the floor for some bizarre reason, and landed on a magnet, and Crazy Dave managed to mutate the magnet to the poor mushroom. Benson says it helps his thinking, even if it hurts when objects land on his head sometimes.

UnarmedPotatoMine This fanfic is currently under construction!

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