By Neoninjaboy320




Crazy Dave


Miles (debut)

more characters to be added!


'So 'the plants Crazy Dave, and Mary are trying to find a home base, so they can set up their defenses... And they stumble upon a garden.

Mary: Hmm, what do you guys think of this place?

Wall-nut: Looks like a pretty nice area, with alot of plants!

Peashooter: -nods- This will be our home base, until we can get out of this dimension.

A purplish vortex like portal appears from the sky, a boy is seen falling from the sky.

The plants and Crazy Dave all jump out of the way, not wanting to break his fall.

Mary: -looks around- Is that Miles? Wait, seriously? Really? I have to break his fall? -closes her eyes- This is gonna hurt...

She puts her arms out to catch Miles

But he heavily falls on top of her.

Miles: Where the heck am I?! Oh, and thanks for breaking my fall Mary.

Mary: OOoooh, yeah, no problem...

Mary stands up for a few seconds but falls down.

Peashooter: Hey, Miles! How'd you get here?

Miles: I don't know, this weird purple portal just, sucked me right in!

Crazy Dave: But where did it come from?

Miles: I was walking by your house, and this force, like a turbo powered vaccum pulled me in!

Crazy Dave: Uh oh, anyone within the radius of my house will be sucked in!

Mary is holding a pair of binoculars to her face, and looks suprised.

Peashooter: Mary, are you ok?


Repeater: Plants, take your postions!

All plants: Roger!

Catcus: I'll snipe em' out with my spikes!

Several of the charging zombies are wearing protective gear, like helmets, and meat can hats, and carrying odd, but well crafted weapons.

Miles: Take cover!

Mary and Miles take cover behind some barriers, and pick up paintball guns from fallen Foot Soldiers.

The battle is crazy with peas getting popped and bodies flying everywhere.

'A Zombie Foot Soldier tosses a Stink Cloud Bomb, 'almost completely covering the Plant base.

Mary: What the heck?! -cough- I can't see a thing!

more, coming soon...


  • The user, Milesprower2. makes his appearnce as a character in this fanfic.

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