Plants in Jail? (commonly abbreviated as PiJ) is a teen-focusing movie series based on the PvZ series. The movies themselves play in the Plants high school.

Episodes Edit

Plants in Jail? (first episode, released 2012, January 8)

Plants in Jail 2 (second episode, released 2013, December 20)

Plants in Jail: Halloween Time! (special episode, does not count as third. Released Halloween 2014.)

Plants in Jail 3 (third episode, released December 6, 2015)

Plants in Jail 4 (upcoming fourth episode, released at April Fools 2015)

Plants in Jail 5 (upcoming fifth episode, released at January 18, 2016)

Plot (1) Edit

A newcomer student, a female Chomper roots in school. She answers the first asked question, and meets new friends, until many students are sent to jail, for not knowing maths. The friends of them are set off to rescue them. The female Chomper sees a parrot-based plant (name unknown) that flies over the plants. The plants then see a vending machine. They go behind it, and enter the "Sunflower Street". and see a zombie, but the Chomper eats it. When the Chomper swallows the zombie, the Sunflower then sees a board that says "welcome to our beloved street!" without capital letters.

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