By Iamarepeater

Yep. It's gun time.




Cherry Bomb (only one head in this case)


Crazy Dave (shopkeeper)


Dr. Zomboss

Zombie army

Zombie General.


Peashooter: (shooting peas) God! It's so tough! Even with plant food

Repeater: Allow me. (Used plant food) What? All the peas shot by me got absorbed by a barrier?

Basic Zombie #1: Like our good no arms?

Basic Zombie #2: Yes man!

Cherry Bomb: Hey! We're going to use guns!

Sunflower: Stop stealing stuff from the humans! I also don't know what a gun is!

Cherry Bomb: Watch! (bandish Glock 17 and fired at the Basic Zombies)

Gunshot Zombies: Argh! (dies)

Cherry Bomb and Sunflower: YAY!

Peashooter and Repeater: Yeah........

Dr. Zomboss: (bandishes M4 and fired away)

Cherry Bomb: Get down!

(Sunflower and Cherry Bomb got down and then CB countered by firing back)

Cherry Bomb: OMG!

Sunflower: I'll save you! (unleash a Mossberg and fired three shots) Gernade! (ducked)

(By now two more basic zombies appeared, one holding to a Remington and another onto a MP5)

Dr. Zomboss: Fire away! (Zombies fired)

Peashooter: AHHHHHHH!

Dr. Zomboss: HA! Soon, we will have all the brains in the world! And no one will be able to stop us with our guns! (evil laughter)

Random Basic Zombie: (fired FPB)

Repeater: (Throws Peashooter to the front line)

Peashooter: HAI-YAH! (speeds towards the zombies)

Dr. Zomboss: Fire at him!

Random Basic Zombie: (fired with SUOMI but missed)

Another basic zombie: Maybe this would work. (fired KBP VSK-94 with deadly accuracy)

Peashooter: (headshot but lives) AHHHHHHHHH! (crashes into the ground)

Threepeater: That got to hurt, right?

Repeater: I know right. (goes to Cherry Bomb after picking up Peashooter)

Peashooter: We need advanced weapons!

Cherry Bomb: (Picks up fallen plant) And I know where to get them. (goes to Sunflower who was firing a Ruger Mkill) We're going to the gun store.

Sunflower: Well bye.

Later on at the Crazzzzzzzzzzzzy Gun store.

Cherry Bomb: We need all your best guns.

Crazy Dave: Hmmmmmmmm. Sure. You can take them all.

Later back at the battlefield

Dr. Zomboss: So what we say minions? Go and invade everyone with our guns?

MP5 Basic Zombie: Yeah! (then got headshot along with the Remington soilder) AHHHHHHHH!

(the plants are armed with Madsen, MPL and Thompson)


(mortar operator fired at Threepeater)

Threepeater: (Dodged all the mortar shells)

Sunflower: (still using the same gun)

Peashooter: Sugar! Take this! (tosses Mossberg 500 Persuader to her)

Sunflower: Oh yeah! (fired away. Result: 3 shots fired. Two zombies and one S.W.A.T Shield wiped out)

Sunflower: (fired but had no bullets) Hmmmm. (toss a cooked gernade)

Threepeater: (spilt into three peashooters each firing a Sig Sauer)

(Peashooter fired his Madsen while Repeater fired his MPL.However, it seems like the zombies were using their swat shield to protect from the bullets)

Peashooter: Eat this cuke bazooza Zombies! (fired)

Dr. Zomboss: WTF! (nuclear explosion was seen) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

The Plants: (laughing) [Yes, the WTF boom meme is seen here]

(Then a gem appeared)

Peashooter: Cool! It's an elite blood magic diamond! It's one of a kind! It boosts the wearer and his or her allies's attacks when one wears it! (oraccordding to an ancient text)

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