By Iamarepeater

Warning! Failure to read this part can result in wrecked ovens and unusable CDs. You have been warned!


Iamarepeater (Me)

Sunflower (sunny)

Peashooter (Won't really appear but as a cameo)


Sunny: Iama!

Me: Yes?

Sunny: This CD's ruined! Now if my BF finds out about this, he will kill me!

Me: Peashooter, the plant who is your boyfriend? I understand why. He paid millions for this CD so it's justified.

Sunny: Don't be so bad! Help me!

Me: Ok. Ok. Give me the CD. I will take it into the oven.

Sunny: (thinking: I wonder why? But I trust he knows what he's doing. I better hope so.)

A while later....

Me: Ok. I will put the CD in the oven and set it to repair CD mode. Thank god for this button. The best results is possible. Just wait Sunny. Switch off the light and see the light show.

Sunny: Nope. I rather wait.

Me: Ok.

5 minutes later...

Me: Done!


Me: Relax. We're not done yet. Just bring some sticky chewy chocolate ice-cream, chocolate syrup, 1 whole egg, a sliced pickle and a fake hamburger.

Sunny: Ok. (A while later) I'm back.

Me: Put it on the kitchen table. Observe how I save your CD. (Took some ice-cream and spread it all over the CD (the CD is on a kitchen towel by the way). I then spread chocolate syrup all over the CD. then I cracked the egg and spread it all over the CD. I used the sliced pickle to ensure equal spreading. Then Sunflower asked me something.)

Sunny: Why don't you use a whole pickle?

Me: Try it yourself. I will post it on Youtuber

Sunny: WHAT! And ruin my reputation on Youtuber?

Me: Yes. People will ask why are you using a whole pickle to repair a CD. It's kinda silly.

Sunny: Fine! And the Ice-cream?

Me: Other flavous are too abrasive for the CD.

Sunny: Oh. Now what?

Me: Wait for about 12 hours to pass.

Sunny: Ok.

12 hours later....

Me: There. I will dump all this layering into a bow. (Dumps them) Now I will clean it with the hamburger at the sink.

Sunny: (Walking with me to the sink) Why not use the real hamburger?

Me: Then you can kiss your CD's memory bye-bye.

Sunny: Ok. Can you clean it?

Me: Doing it (scrubbing CD with the fake hamburger with running water)

Sunny: Ok. Wow. It's brand new. It's shiny.

Me: Yep. Told ya I would save your CD.

Sunny: Cool! How about that mixture in the bowl?

Me: I will eat it. (Takes pickle and put it in my mouth) Mmmmmmmmm. Tasty. I deserve this after all that hard work.

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