By: Iamarepeater

Warning: doing what I did here should not be followed. Inside those 6 volt batteries is actually deadly concentrated acid, not AA sized batteries. I will not be responsible for those who do not follow this warning.


Iamarepeater (Me)

Sunflower (Sunny)


Sunny: I'm going out to buy AA size battery. How many do you need?

Me: 20


Me: Relax Sunny, I know a simple money saving guide. Go and buy a 6 volt lantern battery. It should cost the same amount of money as a pack of AA sized batteries.

Sunny: Ok

(later on)

Sunny: I'm back.

Me: good. I have this screwdriver and a clipper. I will use them. Better pull off this label to make hacking this battery a lot easier. (pulls off label). Now watch. (Tug at the sealed cover of the battery. Eventually, it gives way) Now all I have to do is to clip away those wires. (Cuts the wires). Alright. Here comes the battery. (Dumps batteries)

Sunny: Wow. 32 AA sized batteries. I saved at least 15 dollars.

Me: See. Now we can save more money and use it for other things.

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