Ok wise guys... so What if Plants were villains while Zombies were good guys... 

My fanfic perspective of what it could beenEdit

This is a  Work in progress  Fanfic so it is not finished yet.

"Meanwhile in the alternate universe where plants are villains while zombies were good guys..." Narrator narrated. 

"as Dr. Zomboss is defending the graveyard from the Plants!" narrator narrated as he says about Dr. Zomboss.

"Oh please, Narrator... Zombies are meant to be bad guys, while Plants are good guys!" as he broke the fourth wall. 

"Dr. Zomboss, shut up... Plants are meant to be bad guys, zombies are good guys but let's not break the fourth wall" Narrator shouted.

"Uhh, sir?"  he asked Dr. Zomboss 

"This is none of your business but anyway, let's defend the graveyard from plants!" Dr. Zomboss ordered.

As the zombies tried to defend the graveyard but they are suddenly attacked by a sunflower who is able to let out the fire.

"Who are you, Sunflower?" Dr. Zomboss asked

"SILENCE, I'm Solar Flare... I'm here to take over the world along with other plants. Humans and Zombies are worst things!"  She said as she evilly laughed. 

"Yeah, right." as Scientist taunted the sunflower.

"WHAT?! How can you understand my evil things are lame?" Solar Flare Growled as she tried to fight the zombies.  

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