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The plants were now inside the Plant Mark 1. Peashooter sat next to Sunflower and blushed. "Um...Sunflower?" Said Peashooter. "Yes?" Said Sunflower. "There's something I want to tell you...I've been meaning to say it for a long time..." Peashooter was cut off by the Snow Pea yelling "Be prepared for a crash landing!" "A crash landing?!" Yelled Wall-nut. They were heading towards an orange planet. They crashed near a U.F.O that had also crashed. "Hey, who are you?" Asked a green bean that had an antennae on his head. The plants introduced themselves. "Cool. I'm Laser Bean." Said the bean. "You should probably meet Citron." LATER... "Hey, Citron. Want to meet these new plants?" Asked Laser Bean. "Sure...or are they ZOMBIES?!" said Citron. "They're plants." Asserted Laser Bean. "Sorry. Hey." Said Citron. Just as they introduced themselves, a wave of future zombies came into view. "Zombies!" Yelled Marigold. With the help of they're new friends, the plants defeated the zombies easily. "We need some spare parts to rebuild our rocket. Have any?" Asked Snow Pea. "I can give you some plasma." Said Citron. Soon the Plant Mark 1 was fully operational. "Goodbye!" The plants said to each other. "So, what were you going to tell me?" Sunflower asked Peashooter. "Oh, yes. Um...well...I...I...Haveacrushonyou." Said Peashooter. Sunflower kissed Peashooter. "Me too."

                                THE END

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The final part. Hope you like it!

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