Snow Pea is angry with Peashooter

Snow Pea is angry at Peashooter

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Peashooter was bored. He was trying to work up the nerve to tell Sunflower how he really felt, but he just couldn't bring himself to. He felt as though he wasn't ready. He suddenly had an idea. He went to Snow Pea's house. Snow Pea was always making a new crazy invention. "Hey, Snow Pea! Do happen to be making some new crazy invention? You know, something rocket-like?" Peashooter said. "Affermitave and affermitave. I am making the Plant mark 1." Said Snow Pea. "Cool! Can I... Ride it into space?" Asked Peashooter. "WHAT?! IT'S NOT EVEN DONE!!! YOU'RE NOT EVEN A TRAINED ASTRONAUT!!!" Snow pea yelled. "Sorry, Sorry!" Said Peashooter. "It's okay. When it's done I'll take you to the moon a couple tikmes." Said Snow Pea. "Yes! Wait, can we take some of the others?" Said Peashooter. "Fine, fine." Said Snow Pea. Your little stupid Peashooter. Said Snow pea. After Peashooter felt run away!

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The End. Tune in next time to find out what happens!

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