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Stories and Games appearEdit

Craziness, other stories also appear?! Well, this is the list of stories and games.

Plants Vs Zombies( Of course)

Doraemon( 2nd to appear, they appear from Doko Demo Door Crazy Dave used, come because Dave steal Doko Demo Door)

Mario( 3rd to appear, Out from Peashooter's console, come because a mushroom Peashooter eats while playing)

Oggy and the Cockroaches( 4th to appear, Out from Crazy Dave's tv when he watches OatC, come because Dave use Oggy's swatter to swat zombies outside)

Pokémon( 5th to appear,Come from a pokéballs that zombies throwed, come to mess up the fanfic)

The fanfic messed upEdit

A normal day

Dave: A bunch of zombies? Actually i found a swatter, so...

Davegets out. The plants suprised. Dave then swat the zombies

Peashooter: Hahahaha! Looks like this fanfic is a joke fanfic.



Miles: I wonder. What,s happening to Dave. Swatted by zombies? Or punnished by George Fan? Or maybe he swat Zomboss.

Dave: I gonna use the Doko Demo Door i found.Opens the Doko Demo Door

Doraemon: Wargh!!! What are you doing?!

Dave: Meeting with Laura. Why?

Doraemon: Hey! You stealed my Doko Demo Door. Good, it,s broken now.


Giga Imp: Gonna tell Lord Zomboss!

Zomboss: What?

Giga Imp: Twitch plays pokemon!

Zomboss: Shut up! I still meeting George Fan!

George: What up?

Giga Imp: This fanfic gonna messed up! The fanfic! The brain! This is the worst fanfic i acted!

Zomboss: Stop breaking the fourth wall, Giga Imp! Or else out fanfic will messed up by you!

Giga Imp: *sigh*


Dave: The zombies are throwing pokéballs!


A Pikachu come

Pikachu: Pikachu? (What happened?)

Wall-nut: Our fanfic messed up.

Pikachu: Pika. (*sigh*)

Peashooter doesn,t care about them. Suddenly...

Mario: Run for your lives!

Mario comes out from the console

Oggy comes out from the tv

Mario: Stop eating my shrooms!

Oggy: Stop use my swatter!

Pikachu: Pika!. (Look!)

Peashooter,Dave: Zombies!!!

Zombies: Brainz... brainz. .. brainz... dorayakiz.... weit wut i jus said?

Pikachu: Pikapi. (Huh.)

Director: Cut!!!

All: NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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