Aliens are invading the town of PvZ...Plants and zombies fight the aliens, but compete to see who will defeat them first.



Gender: Male

Forte: Fires peas that damage enemies, runs fast


Gender: Female

Forte: Heals fellow plants with sun, great at dodging attacks

Snow PeaEdit

Gender: Male

Forte: Fires frozen peas to slow down and damage enemies, incredibly smart


Gender: Female

Forte: Damages zombies with spikes and can stretch up to hit air attacks, enthusiastic about going into battle

Crazy DaveEdit

Gender: Male

Forte: Helper of the plants

Dr. ZombossEdit

Gender: Male

Forte: Ruler of all zombies and makes evil machinery

Zombie Bobsled TeamEdit

Gender (all): Male

Forte of Zombie #1: Demanding and "good" leader

Forte of Zombie #2: Good at following orders

Forte of Zombie #3: Lack of intelligence leads to him making things explode

Forte of Zombie #4: Quite smart


Gender: Male

Forte: Crushes plants and leaves behind an ice trail


Gender: Male

Forte: None


Gender: Varies, there are many

Forte: An evil invader who wishes to experiment on your brain

Electric Tube AlienEdit

Gender: Varies, there are many

Forte: Stronger than the normal alien

Helmet AlienEdit

Gender: Varies, there are many

Forte: Much stronger than the normal alien

Cyborg AlienEdit

Gender: Varies, there many

Forte: Much, MUCH stronger than the normal alien and can zap plants and zombies

Mutated AlienEdit

Gender: Male (all)

Forte: Strongest alien, smashes plants and zombies

Glorzak The 23dEdit

Gender: Male

Forte: Ruler of all zombies, has a massive robot


Peashooter woke up to another day. He was sitting in his Flower Pot in the garden where all the plants slept. He yawned. He combed the leaf on his head and went to the lawn, followed by his fellow plants. Since it was just the morning, no zombies had attacked yet. They found the mushrooms defending e house last night asleep. A normal zombies suddenly hobbled onto the lawn. He wasn't much of a threat. As soon as he was taken down, Snow Pea said "What's that smell?" The plants sniffed. "It smells like...smoke." Said Sunflower. The plants, in their Flower pots, went to the sidewalk next to the lawn. They saw a red saucer-like object that had crashed nearby and destroyed a fire hydrant. An odd creature climbed out of it. It had a pink-ish skin, a large head, and large black eyes. He wore a crown that was green-ish, and it had a robotic antenna sticking out of it. "Curses! What is this pathetic piece of rock?!" It said. "Hey!" Said Sunflower. "This planet isn't pathetic! This is a quite valuable planet, in fact!" "And what is the name of this planet?" Asked the creature. "Earth." Said Snow Pea. "Muahahahahaha...I shall conquer this planet if it is so valuable." Said the creature. "I, Glorzak the 23d shall RULE!" "Hey, Earth isn't for sale, dumbo!" Said Cactus. "I'm not going to BUY your planet, you pathetic green balloon." Said Glorzak. "I'm going to CONQUER it." "Not if we stop you!" Exclaimed Peashooter. "You pathetic creatures cannot stop my rain of terror!" Said Glorzak. He teleported off, and now the plants must find him to stop him....

To Be Continued.

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