Story created by Mattycn

If you want to see the first part click This Link


Imitator (Narrator)

Imitated Galeting Pea





Static_Grass (PvZCC plant)


Buckethead Zombies

Dr. Egar Zomboss


Hypno shroom


Imitator: Previously on plants-

Dr. Zomboss: Oh just click the link up there, and I read the story and figured out your actualy the narrator, so just stay there just write Zomboss is epic infinate times before the story and 20 times after each message.

Imitator: I'll try my best

Peashooter: Woah, so this is what the zombie age is like!

Sunflower: Zombies on your lawn!

Melon Pult: Not our lawn, and I'll kill them

Melon Pult tries to pull the melon into the air, but fails

Melon Pult: I can't for some reason!

Sunflower: Woah! I can't produce sun!

Static Grass: I'll kill the zombies

Static Grass makes green static, healing the zombies

Peashooter: You healed him! Wait...

Melon Pult: Hey imitator in the sky with a camera! Turn into a plant that can fire!

Imitator: I'm the narrator, I can't do anything!

Zomboss comes hitting narrator into the ground turning him into a working galeting pea

Zomboss: Oops, anyway you may see all of your power has been drained-

Zomboss (Looking at StaticGrass): -Some that heal zombies even, as they were naughty to me-

Zomboss: And now imitator has turned into a galeting pea im creating 10 Bucketheads from a Tiki Tribe!

Zomboss creates  the bucketheads but a disco ball comes down destroying five

Peashooter: Come on Imitator, attack!

Galeting Pea: I can't I'm the narrator!

Peashooter: Come on, its for the sake of your life too!

Galeting Pea: Fine...

Imitator Spits 50 peas just before zomboss changes his power to - healing the zombies

Galeting Pea: Unlucky

Melon Pult: Wait, if I we hit zombosses machine it could fall into the bucketheads! Wait when we fell into this area we had 525 sun so we can spawn 5 hypno shrooms

Imitator makes the seed packets fall, like he always does making all zombies get hypnotised

Dr. Zomboss: Oh yeah? Fireball! >:D

Imitator: To be continued


This is the second part of Plants Party

Watch the second video here [Link Made Soon]

They are a refrence to zombies on your lawn 'Sunflower: Zombies on your lawn!'

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