In the previous episode...

Me: *sits up* Oh, what happened?

Crazy Dave: Sunflower knocked you out. So i put her in jail for 4 months.

Me: Okay. Wait, where are the zombies?

Crazy Dave: They got bored again.

Split Pea, Repeater: Really, really, really...

Split Pea, Peashooter: Reaaalllyyy bored.


Me: I heard a noise...

Sunflower: See ya, suckers!

Me, Crazy Dave, Sea-shroom, Gatling Pea, Umbrella Leaf, and Jalapeno: Aww, dang it!

Sunflower: You fools can't get me!

Peashooter: Yes we can! *shoots pea through Torchwood*

Sunflower: *burns to a crisp* Ow...

Now returning you to your program...

Sunflower is in jail again, on the release day from jail.

Sunflower: I think i will try to escape 1 more time before i finally stop escap-

Crazy Dave: You can come out now.

Sunflower: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I promise that i will be good!

Crazy Dave: Okey dokey.

Jalapeno: Presenting the first ever plant auditionNNNNNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

Sunflower: I'm here!


Imitater: There a zombie on lawn, there a zombie on lawn.

Score: 15/100

Imitater: Well stinks.


Peashooter: There's a... thing with peas all over it... um...

Score: 1/100

Peashooter: Soon there's gonna be a CAMERA WITH PEAS ALL OVER IT!!!

Cherry BombEdit

Cherry Bomb, Cherry 1: There's a zombie on your lawn, there's a zombie on your lawn, there's a zombie on your lawn, we'll explode zombies on the lawn.

Cherry Bomb, Cherry 2: No, it's "We'll detonate zombies on the lawn"!

Score: 40/100

Cherry Bomb, Both Cherries: Explodonate! *explodonates*


Wall-nut: There's a zombie on y- OH MY GOSH GET IT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gets eaten until his last degrade*

Score: 3/100

Wall-nut: Awww...

Potato MineEdit

Potato Mine: *sleeps for 20 seconds* There's... a... zombie... on... your... lawn... there's... a... *falls back asleep*

Score: 1/100

Potato Mine: *asleep*

Snow PeaEdit

Snow Pea: Th-th-th-there's a z-z-z-zombie o-o-o-o-on your l-l-lawn... brrr...

Score 15/100

Snow Pea: *rolls eyes* W-w-w-whatever...


Chomper: There's a zombie on your lawn... MM ZOMBIES! *eats the background zombies*

Score: 2/100

Chomper: GrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!


Repeater: Not now, i'm busy!

Score: 0/100

Repeater: I don't have time to answer to the score! I've got l-o-v-e! Don't tell the other plants!


Puff-shroom: There's a fake zombie on your lawn! It's not real! Now tell me the score, i can take it!

Score: 3/100



Imitater: sang in Broken English.

Peashooter: didn't sing the right words.

Cherry Bomb: argued over explode or detonate (both of the words were wrong anyways!).

Wall-nut: freaked out over a zombie.

Potato Mine: slept and spoke slowly.

Snow Pea: stuttered from being cold the entire time.

Chomper: ate background zombies.

Repeater: didn't even sing.

Puff-shroom: said the zombies are fake.

Join us next time for more fails (probably part 2/4)!

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