By Theinvisiblehotdog.



All Plants

Football Zombie

Conehead Zombie

Regular Zombie

Screen Door Zombie

Jack-In-The-Box Zombie



Me: *asleep*

Chomper: Wake up!

Me: *still asleep*

Chomper: Wake up! Wake up before i eat you!

Me: Gah! Pleasedon'teatmeiwon'tdoanythingelsebecauseiwillfaint!!!

Chomper: What?

Me: Please don't eat me i won't do anything else because i will faint.

Chomper: Ok. *jumps down and faceplants* Ow!

Zombies: *banging on the fence*

Sunflower: Hurry! Go outside with us!

Me: *runs outside* *long gasp* No! *view changes to the fence* Zombies!

All Plants: We'll take care of this!

Garlic: Just stay inside.

Me: Ok. *runs inside*

After an all-out battle with a wave of football, conehead, normal, screen door and jack-in-the-box zombies...

Me: How long does it take for plants to beat some zombies?

Giga-Gargantuar: *breaks the door*


Join us next time in episode 2 to see what happens!

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