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The StoryEdit

Last time, we dove into the life of Sunflower. This time, we talk about Plantern.

Lantern: I'm glad to be here!

Just don't get annoying, okay? Or else, Split Pea shows up to shoot you in the head.

Lantern: Isn't that a little bit too harsh?

Yes, a bit, but it's effective.

*Start Flashback*

FlamingoPhoenixFeathers: here- 3 plant food for shooting Coffee Bean in the head three times.

Split Pea (Backie): Hey! I can do a better job!

FlamingoPhoenixFeathers: Fine, 3 extra plant food for taking turns.

Split Pea (Both): You got it! FIIIRRREEE!!!!

Coffee Bean: OW! *Falls down into a coma*

*End Flashback*


Plantern: Can we move to my life, now?

Okay. Platern, the plant-lantern combination that lights up fog may be just an ordinary plant, but his life is full of suprises, such as getting into a fog-blowing competition.

Plantern: I won 4 out of 8 competitions this year!

Who won the other 4? 

Plantern: Blover, of course.

*Start Video*

Crazy Dave: Okay, now, I lost my fog cleaner, so you two will have to clear some fog!

Blover: Like a competition?

Crazy Dace: Yeah! A competition! Go for it!

Plantern: I'll win!

Blover: No, I'll win! I'm the best fog-blower you've ever seen!

Plantern: No, I'll win, you'll see as my dazzling gleam defogs the unknown lands of putrid exile!

Blover: Have you been reading too much, again?

Plantern: Yup.

*End Video*

Plantern: Ah, I really like 50 Spades of Gray. It's about shovels. Gray shovels.

Okay.... Anyway, when it's day time, he spends time with Twin Sunflower, shopping for models of the sun.

Plantern: Twin Sunflower sure has a lot of fans. Last time, the poppyrazzi came over.

The poppyrazzi never stops squealing about Twin Sunflower.

*Start Video*

Twin Sunflower Fan 1: AAAHHHH!!! IT'S TWIN SUNFLOWER!

Twin Sunflower Fan 2: Can I have your autograph, Twin Sunflower?

Plantern: Please, ladies, can't Twin Sunflower have her space?

Twin Sunflower Fan 3: You're just soooo jealous that we're about to get our autographs!

Twin Sunflower: Oh, god, not them again.

Plantern: You know them?

Twin Sunflower: No, I loathe them. They even started a website called I<

  • End Video*

Okay, now let's see Plantern's job in the night. He's one of the most important plants of the fog levels. Many players have used him, even if they had Blover.

Plantern: I shine the brightest in those levels!

Plants like Sea-shroom and Pumpkin are close friends as they participate in most of the battles together.

Plantern: Pumpkin's really silent, and Sea-shroom is rejected by the other mushrooms, so...

*Start Video*

Sea-shroom: Pumpkin! Help me! Ducky-tubes!

Pumpkin: ...

Sea-shroom: Oh, right...

Puff-shroom: That's why you have to choose me. I get on Lilypads so Pumpkin could protect me!

Sea-shroom: It wastes sun!

Puff-shroom: It's efficient!

Sea-shroom: No, it's not!

  • End Video*

Plantern: Sea-shroom always seems to have a rivalry with Puff-shroom. I can see why.

Well, can't blame them. Anyway, when the job is finished, he goes to this lighthouse where he sleeps. Why a lighthouse? Well, Plantern acts as the light because he still emits light even when he sleeps. It's power-saving that way.

Plantern: No one gets the job done better!

I agree. Anyway, next time, we go to the backyard to interview Sea-shroom about his life. Stay tuned!'


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