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Soul (Laser Bean, male) 18 years old (Now has a red cape on)

Aure (Twin Sunflower, female) 15 years old (Has pink sunglasses)

<insert name here> (Whatever you are) 15 years old

Zomboss (Zomboss) ???? years old (Has a cog top hat)


Chica (Zombie Chicken, female) 8 years old (Has a yellow baseball cap on)

Bowe (Puff-Shroom, male) 5 years old (Has a devil headband)

Bon (Four leaf Blover, male) 17 years old (Has a green fedora on his top leaf)

Sapelle (Sap-fling, female) 14 years old (Has a red bow on her throwing arm)

Techite (Bug Bot Imp, male) 10 years old (Has a blue bug bot instead of yellow)

The story

It's been 4 months since your search, and you've found some new recruits. But. Do you, Aure and Soul accept them onto the team?

Aure: Who's first?

Sapelle: If you please. *adjusts her bow*

Soul: Name?

Sapelle: Sapelle.

Soul: Why should we recruit you?

Sapelle: I can jam sap into Zomboss' machine. Why? To stun it an-

<insert name here>: *shrug* Sorry to interrupt, it's not just Zomboss.

Sapelle: How?

Soul: He's right. He's making a huge evil army as we speak. We need all the help we can get.

Sapella: Then count me in!

Chica, Bowe, Bon and Techite: Us too!

<insert name here>: What do you think guys?

Aure: Soul? *looks at Soul*

Soul: Yes. Welcome to the team.

A big crash is heard to the west.

Chica: What was that?

Sapelle: Z-Z-Zomboss?

Soul: Let's go guys! *runs to the sound*

Aure: *follows Soul*

Everyone else follows, and they find Zomboss.

Zomboss: Ah, we meet again! And I see you have some new morons!

Sapelle: We'll see who's the moron in a moment, Zomoron!

Zomboss: Ah, a cocky one! You'll be soon seeing the death of all the others, lassie!

Sapelle: E-excuse me?

Zomboss: Ha! Knew it!

Bon: Pardon me. *tips his fedora, blows wind at Zomboss*

Zomboss is knocked back a bit, nearly falling out of the Zombot.

Zomboss: Ah, a powerful sir! This will be fun!

Bon: We'll see what's fun when we see you crying. *smile*

Zomboss: Shut u- *hit by a spore laser*

Bon: Huh? *turns around, spotting Bowe* Bowe?

Bowe: Yeah! I want a piece of this moron!

Zomboss: I can already see an odd DEATH out! It's pathetic that a MUSHROOM would attack a machine!

Bowe: I've done it before to your stupid dragon monster!

Zomboss: I'm surprised you remember that, but no matter! Wait, what's that white thing? Is i- *hit by an egg*

Chica is on top of Zomboss, headbutts him, but gets launched.

Bon: *looks up to Techite* Bot deploy!

Techite: Aye aye! *drops from the sky, straight into the Zombot's control pod*

Zomboss: The heck are you? *hit*

Techite: An IMP with a DIFFERENCE! *uppercuts Zomboss*

Zomboss is hit by the uppercut, and the whole Zombot is knocked back, shaking.

All: Let's go!

Bowe: Yes sir! *shoots spores*

Sapelle: Sap-rise to the silly! *throws sap into the Zombot*

Techite: Part 2 commencing! *attacks Zomboss*

Aure: Firing! *shoots two sunbeams at the Zombot*

Soul: Yeah! *shoots lasers at Zomboss*

<insert name here>: Okay! Firing! *launches drones which drop cherry strikes*

Chica: I'M NO NORMAL CHICKEN! *tosses an egg at Zomboss*

Bon: The final 'blow'! *spins all four leaves, firing tons of wind at the Zombot*

Zomboss and the Zombot are hit a lot, and topple over in damage.

Zomboss: Curses! Your new recruits are quite the stabbers! I shall get more revenge with your brains! *warps*

Zombot: *vanishes too*

Techite is falling, as he was in the Zombot, but now it's gone, he fall out and hits the ground.

Bon: Techite!

Techite: This isn't good! *the bug bot is malfunctioning*

Bon: I can help! *picks up the bug bot, fixes the wires*

Techite: Thanks Bon! *smiles*

Soul: *laugh* Now Zomboss will have to find more brain munchers!

Aure: Agreed!

Soul: <insert name here>?

<insert name here>: Yes. I'm fine, what's next?

Sapelle: I say a break. Agreed? I can make us pancakes!

Soul: Pancakes? I'm in.

Everyone except Sapelle: Us too!

Sapelle: I'll get to it! *dashes off*

<insert name here>: Sapelle's quite the active lassie.

Bon: Funny you noticed now,<insert name here>.

Soul: Let's go eat those pancakes!

Everyone: Yeah!

Later, everyone had finished the pancakes, but all of a sudden, Zomboss returns with his Zombot!

Zomboss: We meet again, you moroni- *hit by Techite*

Sapelle: T-Techite!



Zomboss: This is a spot of bother! *grabs Techite out of the Bug Bot, kicks the Bug Bot towards the others as it explodes*

Everyone is hit, Techite is then captured, and dropped into a metal-like vine cage.

<insert name here>: Let him go right now!

Zomboss: *evil laugh* NEVER! *captures Sapelle and <insert name here> too*

Sapelle: Get off me you creep!

<insert name here>: Why are you doing this?

Zomboss: Nothing too bad! I'm going to use you three in some experiments... *evil laugh*

Bon: I like your fighting spirit, Zomboring.

Zomboss: HOW DARE YOU!

Everyone gasps, as a dark-ish green aura is surrounding Bon.

Techite: Bon?

Bowe: B-B-bon? Y-you okay? *slapped away by Bon*

Bon: Stay back. It's my revenge time...*rage shout, transforming*

Bon's appearance slightly changes. His leaves go red, eyes blue and his fedora is now green with a yellow strip.

Bon: Are you ready to die?

Zomboss: Over my dead body!

Bon: If you wish! *blows wind from all four leaves, making a tornado, blowing Zomboss away, cages too*

Everyone: Bon... That's incredible.

Bon changes to normal, fainted.

Meanwhile at the Zomboss Lab...

Sapelle: *struggling to get out* Grrrrrr! This is strong!

Zomboss: What would you expect from metal, you silly plant?

Techite: *getting grabbed by Zomboss* Get off me!

Zomboss: YOU are first! *tosses Techite onto a pad*

Techite: What in the world?

Zomboss: DIE! *activates the pad, which is burning Techite*

Techite: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *whipsering: I'm sorry Bon... Everyone.... I'm done for...*

Techite suddenly turns into ashes, only leaving his blue bug bot behind.

<insert name here>: That's... Insane!

Zomboss: None of your friends will save you now, morons! *crazy laughter*


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