Note: This is made by Bolt-Weed. If you have anything to ask, leave a message on his message wall. Bold is an action, italics is a scene change.


Soul(Laser Bean) 18 years old

Zomboss(Zomboss) ??????

Aure(Twin Sunflower) 15 years old

<insert name here> (Whatever you are) ??? years old

The story

Location: Hot Plains

Time: 3:40 PM

Soul: Hot Plains. Aah... I love this place... *sits down*

Aure: Sorry to interupt, Soul, but-

Soul: Aure, please, leave me be.

Aure: But-

Soul: Please!

Aure: Okay fine... *walks off*

<insert name here>: Wasn't that harsh? I mean seriously?

Soul: She can handle herself. Speaking of which, who are you anyway?

<insert name here>: Me? Let's just put it safe, I'm a friend of yours.

Soul: ....Fair enough. *sighs, begins relaxing again*

Aure: *begins running towards Soul* Soul!

Soul: What now, Aure?

Aure: Zomboss is attacking!

Soul: Zomboss! Not again! Let's go! You too! *looks at <insert name here>* *runs off*

Aure: ...Lets. Go. *follows Soul*

<insert name here>: ....Okay? This is strange... *follows Aure and Soul*


Zomboss: Surrender now! Or I will get your brains on my plate!

Soul: Zomboss! We meet again!

Aure: We sure do!

Zomboss: Fancy seeing you here, Soul and Aure! And what's this? You've brought a friend?

<insert name here>: One that is going to kill you, Zomboss!

Zomboss: Calm down, mortal. Never anger a-

Soul: Yeah yeah we get it.

Zomboss: You know to much... Zombot! Power up!

Zombot: *turns on*

Soul: Ugh this again

Zomboss: Shut up!

Aure: It's a trash can!

<insert name here>: A BIG ONE!

Zomboss: Soul, Aure... You two are going to have a REALLY bad day. But as for your friend... Zombot! You know what to do!

Zombot: *mechanical voice* Yez zir! *opens mouth which shoots a knockout spray at <insert name here>, Aure, and Soul*

Soul: This... again... Blegh... *faint*

Aure: Soul! No! I can...Take it... *cough*

<insert name here>: This pongs! Too much! *coughs hardly, faints*

Zomboss: Any last words?

Aure: ....*eyes go green* COME BACK! *revives you and Soul and all 3 of you vanish*

Zomboss: What? Not again!


Aure: Guys? You alright?

<insert name here>: I think so...

Aure: Soul?

Soul: Y-yeah... *gets up* I think I see it now.

Aure: See what?

Soul: I think the Zombot's knockout spray has a fault somewhere...

<insert name here>: A fault? Where?

Soul: In it's huge trash can head.

Aure: So... I say we get new recruits at some point, aye?

Soul: You took the words right out of my mouth.

<insert name here>: Sounds good!

Aure: We shall split up and search for the new recruits.

Soul: Ready, new guy?

<insert name here>: All set, and ready to go!

Aure: Let's go then! *dashes off to the right*

Soul: Alright! *goes to the left, dashing off*

<insert name here>: That leaves it simple! *dashes through the middle*

All: We can see it now! We can see a possibility!

The end!

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