Made by: Cattails are the best

Chapter 1: The BeginningEdit

It,s all started with, a spaceship!

Zomboss: So, you try to defeat us?

Conehead Zombie: If we stop, we didn,t called robbers again.

Zomboss: Activate the time machine.

The time machine cause a lightning jolt which hits Repeater. Then Repeater falls from a high place, loses a important leaf and almost burnt.

Repeater: Waarrrrgggghhh!!! Help!!

Snow Pea: Are you alright?

Repeater: Oh, thanks

Snow Pea: Looks like you are a peashooting plant too.

Repeater: Y..yes.. my name is Repeater.

Snow Pea: Goodbye.

Repeater: Oh yeah, i need to go before terodai kills me.

In the factory

Repeatertypes computer and break the fourth wall when he jumped

All plants: Itadakimasu( Meal time!)

Only Repeater eats so much

All plants shoots in the bulleye but Repeater shoots Iamarepeater

Iamarepeater: Hey!

Repeater: Sorry.

One hours later

Terodai: I don,t understand, why you have a bad quality. Made technique is same. Maybe zapped by electricity?

Repeater: *gulp*

Terodai: Fall from a high place.

Repeater: Erk...

Terodai: Loses a leaf? Your quality is bad, so you going to burnt?

Repeater: >_<

Terodai: Just kidding.

Repeater: Whaaaaaaat?

Terodai: There,s still a class that you can enter.

Repeater: Where is it?

Terodai: I'll bring you.

Chapter 2: The new ClassEdit


  • The plot is similiar to "Doraemon's birth: 2112"

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