Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the Repeater. Obviously.

Me (quietly): "Great, the Peashooter had enough of an attitude. I need to tread carefully here. (Out loud) Hi Repeater!"

Repeater: "Hello Miles."

Me: "So, why do you shoot faster than Peashooter?"

Repeater: "To keep Zombies away from me. No one's getting near me! Ya hear?"

Me (scared): "Yes."

Repeater: "What's your next question?"

Me: "So I hear that your brothers are Peashooter and Gatling Pea, is that right?"

Repeater: "Who told you?"

Me: "Peashooter."

Repeater: "Ooh I hate that guy!"

Me: "In PvZ Adventures, you cost the same amount of sun as a Peashooter, is that right?"

Repeater: "So?"

Me: "So nothing!"

Repeater: "Next question!"

Me: "Do you secretly yearn for love like the Almanac says?"

Repeater: "NO!!! OF COURSE NOT!!!"

Repeater starts shooting at me, and I shield with my arms.

Me: "Sorry! Ooh, ah, stop shooting at me!"


Me: "Okay!"

I back away, while defending against his peas.

Me: "I am not looking forward to interviewing the Gatling Pea."

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