Note: This is unofficial. I couldn't resist making one. Upon Milesprower2 releasing his edition, delete this immediately, please.


Starting from the middle, this is the interview with the extra-spiky plant.

Right. Speaking of spikes, I'm still running from Cattail!

Me: Panting* I... can't... run... much... further!

Sonic boom suddenly knocks the spikes out of the air*

Me: What was that?

Spikerock: Like my metal plant concert?

Me: Well...

Spikerock: I'll take that as a yes. Anyways, bring on the questions!

Me: So, why do you only take three smashes in Pvz2 when in Pvz you take nine?

Spikerock: Between the two games I went on holiday, but my strength decreased. Either that, or I was too OP in Pvz. You decide.

Me: Friends?

Spikerock: Spikeweed. I'm still struggling with the puck problem though.

Me: Favourite hockey team?

Spikerock: Don't remind me of that. Spikeweed screamed so loudly the sonic boom made the ceiling cave in. I never got a chance to see the team names. Even I couldn't reciprocate that sonic boom!

Sea-shroom: How was Europe?

Spikerock: The museums were huge! Can you believe it?

Me: Well, you are a plant, of course you are smaller...

Spikerock: What did you say? Eats Plant Food*

Me: On Spikes* Ow... I... shouldn't... have... said... that..., why... are... these... plants... so... short... tempered...

Never to be continued...

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