Made by Milesprower2.

This is the interview with the cute little cat that goes woof.

Me: "Hello Cattail!"

Sea-shroom: "Hiya!"

Cattail: "Hello Miles. Hello Sea-shroom."

Me: "So, Cattail, I'm here to.."

Cattail: "Interview me, I know, let's get this over with."

Me: "Alright, firstly, why do you always say woof?"


Sea-shroom: "Really? Because you look a lot like a cat."

Cattail: "That's it!"

Cattails starts shooting at Sea-shroom, who tries and fails to dodge.

Sea-shroom: "Ow, ow, stop it, please!"

Me: "So Cattail, do you have a lot of friends?"

Cattail: "Only Spikeweed...Blover hates me and most plants don't like me because they think it's strange for me to woof instead of meow."

Me: "What about hobbies?"

Cattail: "I like to play Bloons, I'm one of the top players in BTD Battles."

Me: "Really? Who are you?"

Cattail: "Superjombombo."

Me: "No you're not."

Sea-shroom: "Yeah, you're a liar!"

Cattail: "Umm...HEY LOOK, A ZOMG!!!"

Sea-shroom: "If I had a palm, I'd do a facepalm right now. You really thought we'd fall for that?"

Me: "ANYWAY, we'd better go, we've got a lot of interviews to do."

Cattail: "HEY COME BACK HERE!!!"

Me: "NO!"

A bunch of spikes start following me.

Me: "Oh dear, RUN!"

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