Made by Milesprower2.

This is the interview with the two headed sun producer!

Me: "Hello Twin Sunflower!"

Sea-shroom: "Hi!"

Twin Head 1: "Hi Miles!"

Twin Head 2: "Hello Sea-shroom!"

Twin Head 1: "Which of you is interviewing us?"

Twin Head 2: "Miles of course, we were told it would be a fox."

Twin Head 1: "Are you going to ask us about our super-chic line of ultra-expensive sunglasses?"

Me: "In a bit but..."

Twin Head 2: "Are you going to ask us about..."

Me: "I'm interviewing you, stop asking questions!"

Twin Head 1: "Oh okay."

Me: "Now, how were you two created?"

Twin Head 2: "It's a secret."

Me: "Was it a crazed night of forbidden science that created you two?"

Twin Head 1: "How do you..."

Twin Head 2: "Shh, don't confirm his theory!"

Me: "You just confirmed it by saying that."

Twin Head 2: "Wait, what?"

Sea-shroom: "So, what's it like having a super-chic line of ultra-expensive sunglasses?"

Twin Head 1: "The Poppyrazzi is always swarming us. They're more annoying than Chickens."

Me: "Not a lot is more annoying than Chickens. Well, Disco-trons are."

Twin Head 2: "Oh no no no, the Poppyrazzi is more annoying than them, Chickens and Mecha-Footballers combined with Garg Primes and a Zombot Sphinx-inator."

Sea-shroom: "What are they talking about?"

Me: "You wouldn't know, you never travelled through time."

Sea-shroom: "...Right."

Me: "Anyway, I doubt that Twins, they can't be THAT bad."

Twin Head 1: "THEY ARE THAT BAD!"

Me: "Okay, whatever. Is it true you once told Peashooter to shoot Wall-nut because he was bitten by a Zombie?"

Twin Head 2: "Well, duh, he was turning into a zombie because he was bitten by one."

Me: "Cause you also got bitten soon afterwards."

Twin Head 1: "Let me take a nibble out of your..."

Twin Head 2: "BRAIN!!!"

Me: "Oh dear."

A Bungee Zombie steals the Twin Sunflower, not realizing it's a zombie.

Me: "Well...that was lucky."

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