Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview I really don't want to do. Wish me luck.

Me and Sea-shroom escape from the raging Melon-pult. Me: "Hello Gatling!"

Gatling Pea: "Hi Miles!"

Sea-shroom: "Hi Gatling Pea!"

Me: "So, Gatling Pea, what's it like being in the army?"

Gatling Pea: "I've seen many things that haunt me. I've done things I'm not proud of. I've killed zombies that may have been hypnotized."

Me: "Ohhhkay."

Sea-shroom: "Do you have any friends?"

Gatling Pea: "Not a lot. Although I'm friends with Commando Pea, he's a great ally."

Me: "Do you think you could be my bodyguard?"

Gatling Pea: "Why?"

Me: "Doom-shroom. And Melon-pult. They're both after me."

Gatling Pea: "Alright, but it'll cost you."

Me: "How much?"

Gatling Pea: "450 sun."

Me: "Here, I'll give you a Sunflower I grew in my town in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures instead."

I give Gatling Pea the Sunflower.

Gatling Pea: "Okay, I'm your bodyguard now."

Me: "Next question: What do you think about Pea Pod?"


Sea-shroom: "RUUUN!!!"

Me: "Don't worry, he's angry at Pea Pod, not me."

Gatling Pea: "I'll unleash a barrage of peas on the next thing I see! That's how angry I am!"

Doom-shroom shows up.

Doom-shroom: "Time to doom you Miles!"

Me: "I got doomed by you twice last time I played Garden Warfare, I'm not afraid of you anymore! Especially with my bodyguard who's currently very angry."

Gatling Pea shoots loads of peas at Doom-shroom.

Doom-shroom: "OW! YOU'RE-OW-GOING TO PAY FOR THAT GATLING PEA!!! Also, Miles, don't break the fourth wall."

Sea-shroom: "Yeah, breaking the fourth wall is BAD!"

Doom-shroom prepares to explode.

Me: "We'd better run! Gatling Pea, come on!"

Melon-pult shows up.

Me: "Oh no, we're trapped!"

Sea-shroom: "I don't know about you but I'd rather take my chances with Melon-pult than get doomed!"

Gatling Pea: "Sea-shroom's right! I'll hold off Melon-pult, you make a getaway!"

Me: "But you'll get doomed if you stay here!"

Gatling Pea: "So will Melon-pult."

Sea-shroom: "Miles, let's go!"

Me: "Okay...thank you Gatling Pea!"

I run as fast as I can, and hear an explosion behind me.

Me: "Gatling Pea sacrificed himself to save me from Doom-shroom and Melon-pult...turns out he's nicer than Repeater after all."

Sea-shroom: "I hope that's the last we'll see of Doomy."

Me: "Of course it is, he can't regrow after exploding. This isn't Garden Warfare after all."

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