Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the toughest, strongest non-upgrade plant around.

Me: "Hello Melon-pult, I'm here to interview you!"

Melon-pult: "Hi Miles! Hey wait, Sea-shroom, what are you doing here?"

Sea-shroom: "I'm helping Miles with his interviews."

Melon-pult: "Hmm..."

Me: "What's wrong?"

Melon-pult: "Me and Sea-shroom aren't exactly friends..."

Sea-shroom: "Melon-pult boasts too much, I don't like him."

Melon-pult: "Well I AM the most cost-effective plant, sun-for-damage."

Sea-shroom: "See what I mean?"

Me: "Kind of, but I don't mind if he boasts. Anyway, are you friends with Winter Melon?"

Melon-pult: "That scaredy-pult? Are you serious? I'd sooner be friends with Scaredy-shroom than that wimpy cousin of mine."

Me: "So,  you don't like him?"

Melon-pult: "No, I don't."

Me: "I do."

Melon-pult: "Also, I heard he has bad spelling and grammar, and overuses commas."

Me: "No, that's Wintermelon43, a user on Wikia."

Melon-pult: "Oh, right."

Me: "What kind of games do you play?"

Melon-pult: "Mario games, Zelda games, Mega Man games, everything except Sonic games."

Me: "(Whispering to Sea-shroom) Now I don't like him either."

Melon-pult: "I also like Bloons Tower Defense games. You know, in BTD Battles, I once battled a guy named Milesprower2 on the Water Hazard map. I beat him with an endless Camo Regrowth Rainbow rush, after selling all my towers and losing all my lives."

Me: "You're THAT HACKER?!?!?!"

Melon-pult: "Wait, was I fighting you? You're the one who reported me!"

Me: "Okay, I think it's almost time to run, just one more question."

Melon-pult: "I won't answer any more questions."

Sea-shroom: "Are you seedless or not?"


Melon-pult: "Sea-shroom, you are dead."

Me and Sea-shroom: "RUUUN!!!"

Me: "Gatling Pea will be nicer than Melon-pult!"

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