Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the anti-Bungee/anti-Catapult plant.

Me: "HelloUmbrellaLeaf!"

Umbrella Leaf: "Hi Miles! Hey, why are you talking so quickly?"

Sea-shroom: "He..."

Me: "CoffeeBean!"

Umbrella Leaf: "Aha, that explains it!"

Me: "SoUmbrellawhatisyourfavouritegame?"

Umbrella Leaf: "SPROING!!! That's my favourite game!"

Sea-shroom: "What's that game?"

Umbrella Leaf: "It's when I go SPROING to protect the plants around me! It's great epicly cool fun!"

Me: "Whatfriendsdoyouhave?"

Umbrella Leaf: "Not a lot, but Sunflower is always nice to me!"

Sea-shroom: "Sunflower's nice to everyone..."

Umbrella Leaf: "She does? I thought I was special! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"

Me: "WowUmbrellaisjustabigbaby."

Umbrella Leaf: "Did you just call me a..."

Doom-shroom: "I'll get you now Miles!"

Everyone looks up and sees Doom-shroom parachuting down towards them.

Me: "Really?YouaregonnattackfromabovewhenIaminterviewingUmbrellaLeaf?Areyoustupid?"

Umbrella Leaf: "I'm not going to protect you from Doom-shroom, you were mean and called me a big seedling!"

Me: "ActuallyIcalledyouababybutnevermindthatIneedyoutosaveme!"

Sea-shroom: "I know what to do!"

Umbrella Leaf: "I'm not going to protect you Miles!"

Me: "PleaseIneedhelpyouhavetohelpme!"

Sea-shroom: "I have a plan!"

Me: "Notnowaitdidyousayouhaveaplan?"

Sea-shroom: "Yes!"

Me: "What is it? Hey, I'm slowing down, Coffee Bean's caffeine wore off!"

Sea-shroom: "Hmm, his caffeine obviously is more effective on mushrooms than foxes."

Me: "What's your plan?"

Sea-shroom: "RUN!!!"

Me: "Not much of a plan, but I guess it's as good as anything."

Doom-shroom throws an Iceberg Lettuce at me.

Me: "Ugh...I'm...frozen..."

Sea-shroom: "We're doomed! Literally!"

Doom-shroom lands and prepares to explode.

Doom-shroom: "Finally, I'll get my pay from Zomboss!"

Will we escape? Find out in the next interview!

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