Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the smelliest lane-diversion plant. Well, the only lane-diversion plant for that matter.

Me: "HiGarlic!"

Garlic: "Hi Miles! Oh hello Sea-shroom!"

Sea-shroom: "Hello Garlic! (whispering to me) He's a bit smelly isn't he?"

Me: "(whispering to Sea-shroom) ShhIknowdontlethimhearyou!"

Garlic: "Don'tletmehearwhat?"

Me: "Nothing!"

Garlic: "Why are you talking so fast?"

Me: "IjustinterviewedCoffeeBeananywayIhearthatlanediversionisyourpassion?"

Garlic: "Oh yes! I can't go a day without diverting at least one zombie!"

Me: "DidyouknowthatintheWildWesttherewasaPianistZombiewhichmadezombieschangelanes?"

Garlic: "I heard about that zombie once! I...HATE IT!!! I MUST DESTROY IT!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!"

Sea-shroom: "Calm down!"

Me: "Yescalmdownalot!"

Garlic: "You are telling me to calm down? A guy who's talking as fast as Coffee Bean? Ha!"

Me: "Imseriousyouneedtocalmdown!"

Garlic: "Fine! Next question!"

Me: "Doyouhaveanyfriends?"

Garlic: "Fume-shroom and Gloom-shroom."

Me: "Aretheytheonlyones?"

Garlic: "I've been meaning to meet a Bean I heard about. I forgot his name."

Sea-shroom: "Was it Chili Bean?"

Garlic: "Yes, it was!"

Me: "Iwillhavetowrapthisupnowbefore..."

Doom-shroom shows up.

Doom-shroom: "Well, well, well, look who's had too much caffiene! Did YOU wake me up? If so, you just sealed your fate!"


Sea-shroom: "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, you're running too fast!"

Garlic: "I'll help you!"

Me: "Howillyouhelp?"

Garlic: "I'll divert him away from you!"

Me: "ThanksalotandbyeGarlic!"

Garlic: "No problem!"

Garlic diverts Doom-shroom off the roof.

Doom-shroom: "I'll find you Miles, even if I have to travel for miles!"

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