Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the most hyperactive plant in...ever.

Me: "Hello Coffee Bean!"

Coffee Bean: "HelloMilesprowerhowareyoutodayIhopeyouvehadaniceday!"

Me: "Firstly, could I ask you to wake up my friend Sea-shroom?"

Coffee Bean: "OkayMilesprowerIwilldothatforyourightaway! SEASHROOMWAKEUP!!!!!"

Sea-shroom yawns and wakes up.

Sea-shroom: "What...what am I doing being awake during the day?"

Me: "Coffee Bean woke you up."

Coffee Bean: "ThatsrightIwokeyouupSeashroomnoneedtothankmeforwakingyouupitsmyjobafterall!"

Me: "So Coffee Bean, why did you come to my rescue when I was interviewing Tangle Kelp?"

Coffee Bean: "IliketorescuepeoplewhoareintroubleIamnicethatway!"

Me: "Do you like your job?"

Coffee Bean: "OhyesitsthebestjobIcouldeveraskforwakingupmushroomsismyfavoritethingtodo!"

Me: "Do you think you could give me some caffiene so I can make these interviews faster and so people won't get impatient waiting for them?"

Sea-shroom: "Are you sure that's a good idea?"

Me: "Sure it is!"

Coffee Bean: "OkayIwillgiveyousomecaffienetospeedyouupforawhile!"

Me: "Great!"

A minute later

Me: "WowIamsoawakeIcantbelievethis!"

Sea-shroom: "I knew this was a bad idea."

Me: "NoitisntSeashroomitsagreatidea! CoffeeBeanIseewhyyoulikewakingupmushroomsallthetime! WAKE UP MUSHROOMS!!!!!"

All the mushrooms in a five-mile radius wake up.

Doom-shroom: "Ah, look, Miles...time to doom him!"

Me: "UhohgottogobyeCoffeeBean!"

Coffee Bean: "ByeMilesprowerandSeashroom!"

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