Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the oldest of the Pult Brothers.

Me: "Hi Kernel-pult!"

Kernel-pult: "Hi Miles!"

Me: "How do you decide whether to throw a Kernel or Butter?"

Kernel-pult: "Well, I throw butter at the weak zombies which don't need buttering, and I throw kernels when butter is needed."

Me: "That sounds about right. So how do you remember your brother's birthdays?"

Kernel-pult: "I never forget anything, that's how."

Me: "So you have an eidetic memory?"

Kernel-pult: "What's that?"

Me: "Never mind. Where do you get your butter from?"

Kernel-pult: "I forget where it comes from."

Me: "...Right. Why isn't Winter Melon ever counted as a Pult brother?"

Kernel-pult: "Winter Melon is Melon-pult's cousin, that's why."

Me: "Okay, where does your butter come from?"

Kernel-pult: "I forget where it comes from."

Me: "You realize that was the second time I asked you about your butter?"

Kernel-pult: "What was the second time you asked me about my butter?"

Me: "Man, your memory is pretty bad."

Kernel-pult: "Uh oh, it's Melon-pults birthday, I just remembered!"

Melon-pult shows up.

Melon-pult: "No it's not, that's next month! Are you getting forgetful in your old age?"

Kernel-pult: "I never forget anything."

Me: "Yes you do."

Kernel-pult: "No I don't."

Me: "Whatever. I've got to go now."

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