Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the first pulting plant!

Doom-shroom falls asleep

Me: "Yay, it's daytime now!"

Sea-shroom: "(Yawn), night-night..."

Me: "Oh well, I'll wake him up when I interview Coffee Bean."

Cabbage-pult shows up

Cabbage-pult: "Hello, are you Miles, the guy who's interviewing me?"

Me: "Yes I am! Hello Cabbage-pult! So what's your theory about how the Zombies get onto the roof?

Cabbage-pult: "A big ladder."

Me: "What about vehicle zombies?"

Cabbage-pult: "Zomboss puts them there."

Me: "I was thinking Bungees, but okay. While we're on the topic of Zomboss, what were you feeling when you helped destroy the Zombot?"

Cabbage-pult: "I was wondering why the roof hadn't collapsed from the weight of a giant robot which throws Camper Vans at the roof. And I was relieved that none of the Camper Vans had hit me."

Me: "Haha, yeah, I've always wondered how the roof supported so much weight. It was probably made with Nintendo Logic. What do you think of the Peashooting Plants?"

Cabbage-pult: "They're rubbish!"

Me: "Well, yeah, that's what I think too. Except for Snow Pea, I've always liked Snow Pea."

Cabbage-pult: "Any more questions?"

Me: "Just one: Do you know how to keep mushrooms asleep permanently?"

Cabbage-pult: "Why do you ask?"

Me: "Because of Doom-shroom chasing me."

Cabbage-pult: "Well, you could try giving him a Coffee Bean!"

Me: "..."

Cabbage-pult: "Just kidding!"

Me: "Okay, well bye!"

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