Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the magnetic plant that most people love!

Me: "Hi Magneto!"

Magnet-shroom: "Oh very funny!"

Sea-shroom: "Hello Magnet-shroom!"

Me: "So, Magnet-shroom, how come you're magnetic?"

Magnet-shroom: "Some mad scientist experimented on fungus, and he created several strange creatures, like me."

Me: "Right, okay, well why does it take so long to get rid of stuff you steal? And where do they go?"

Magnet-shroom: "It takes ages because otherwise I'd be OP and I don't know where the objects I take go. Also, I don't steal, I collect."

Sea-shroom: "It's stealing though!"

Me: "But good stealing."

Magnet-shroom: "I don't like the word 'steal', it implies that I'm doing something wrong."

Me: "I get your point. Now, do you know who this mad scientist was?"

Magnet-shroom: "I think he was called Dr. Edgar Boss or something."

Me: "Dr. Edgar Zomboss?"

Magnet-shroom: "Yeah, that's the guy!"

Sea-shroom: "But he's evil!"

Me: "Yeah, he once paid Doom-shroom to try and blow me up."

Doom-shroom appears.

Doom-shroom: "Zomboss has offered me even more Zombucks than the value of Cactus's sun, so I'm back to finish what I started."

Me: "OH COME ON!!! Sorry Magnet-shroom, I'll have to cut this interview short."

Sea-shroom: "Bye Magnet-shroom!"

Magnet-shroom: "Bye!"

And I run from Doom-shroom as fast as I can.

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