Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the king of protecting plants. I love Pumpkins, they're like Pumpkings.

Me: "Hello Pumpkin!"

Sea-shroom: "Hi there Pumpkin!"

Pumpkin: "Hello, are you here to interview me?"

Me: "Yeah. First of all, what does your cousin Renfield do?"

Pumpkin: "I don't know. He's some big star. A sports hero or Peggle master or something."

Sea-shroom: "I heard he was a movie star!"

Pumpkin: "Nah, that's Starfruit's cousin."

Me: "Is he a singer?"

Pumpkin: "No, that's Sunflower."

Sea-shroom: "Is he a..."

Pumpkin: "WAIT! I remember now! He's a, no wait, I forgot again."

Me: "Ugh, let's move on to the next question. Do you have any friends?"

Pumpkin: "Almost every plant likes me. Except Doom-shroom. He's mean. If he's planted inside me, he'll blow me up."

Me: "Yeah, well I was chased by Doom-shroom for ages."

Pumpkin: "Ouch, how did you escape?"

Me: "Long story."

Pumpkin: "Okay, well maybe you can tell me when you have a bit more time."

Me: "Yeah, okay. I've gotta go now!"

Sea-shroom: "Bye Pumpkin!"

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