Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the horribly bad star-shaped plant.

Me: "Hi there Starry!"

Starfruit: "Don't call me that!"

Sea-shroom: "Okay Star!"

Starfruit: "Call me Starfruit!"

Me: "Fine. So, do you have any friends?"

Starfruit: "No one likes me..."

Me: "How's your tooth?"

Starfruit: "I've got one of the four cavities filled in now, but I've still got the other three to deal with."

Sea-shroom: "How can you get four cavities in one tooth?"

Starfruit: "I have no idea."

Me: "Do you have any family?"

Starfruit: "There is someone but I'm not telling you who it is."

Me: "Fine."

Sea-shroom: "Uh oh, a zombie!"

Starfruit: "I'll deal with it!"

Starfruit hits it twice and then it eats the Starfruit.

Me: "Oh well...I don't really care if a Starfruit gets eaten."

Sea-shroom: "We'd better go!"

Me: "Yeah, we should."

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