Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the plant that will huff and puff and blow balloons away!

Me: "Hello Blover!"

Blover: "Hi Miles per hour!"

Sea-shroom: "Hahaha!"

Blover: "Hi there Sea-shroom! How're you doing?"

Sea-shroom: "Miles will show me the sea when he gets the chance!"

Blover: "That's great!"

Me: "Now, Blover, I hear you and Plantern are rivals?"

Blover: "Yeah. I'll try and blow away lots of fog and he'll try to light the fog up and we'll see who's best. Of course, I always win."

Me: "Er...of course."

Sea-shroom: "Plantern said he always won!"

Blover: "Well he doesn't!"

Me: "Do you have any friends?

Blover: "Not a lot. I like my family though. The Clover family is very big, and I'm the only one who's really good at blowing things away. And yet, even though I can blow away an infinite amount of Balloons, I still can't blow out all the candles on my birthday cakes."

Me: "Really? That seems strange..."

Blover: "Tell me about it! It's like they're joke candles that can't be blown out!"

Me: "Maybe they are."

Blover: "Of course! Some of the Clovers in my family like to play tricks on me."

Sea-shroom: "Blover, why do you disappear after you blow away Balloon Zombies?"

Blover: "Because I'm only paid for a few seconds of work at a time, so I leave as soon as my work is done."

Me: "Do you like the Cactus or Cattail at all?"

Blover: "Not really, they try to do half of my job!!!"

Me: "Well I think you're a great plant to save space in the seed tray."

Blover: "Yeah! I'm much better than using Planterns AND Cacti or Cattails."

Me: "Not to mention how useful you are in Survival Modes."

Blover: "Then why do so many people hate using me?!"

Me: "It's not just you. I've observed that most of the plants in the fog stage are unpopular."

Sea-shroom: "Yeah, even I am!"

Me: "I've got to go now, bye!"

Blover: "Bye!"

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