Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the prickly plant that you want to stay away from.

Me: "Hi Cactus!"

Cactus: "Hello Miles, do you want a hug?"

Me: "No thanks."

Sea-shroom: "You're too prickly!"

Me: "Sea-shroom! Ssh! Now, Cactus, how are you able to stretch so much to pop Balloons?"

Cactus: "Oh, it's easy really, I just STRETCH!"

Cactus stretches high into the air.

Me: "Yes, but HOW do you stretch?"

Cactus: "How does a Peashooter shoot peas?"

Me: "Good point. It's because you're a mutant plant made at Bloom and Doom Seed Co."

Cactus: "Duh!"

Me: "So, apparently you're dating an Armadillo?"

Cactus: "Well, yeah, but I won't tell you anything more than that."

Sea-shroom: "Who is it? Who are you seeing?"

Cactus: "I don't want to tell you. It's private."

Me: "I understand."

Doom-shroom shows up.

Doom-shroom: "I knew you'd be with Cactus! I saw her stretch and I realized she was the next plant you'd interview! Miles, take this!"


Doom-shroom: "Well unless you're willing to pay big..."

Cactus: "10,000 Sun!"

Doom-shroom: "That's worth much more than the Zombucks Zomboss is paying me, so I'll leave Miles alone. Pay up, NOW!"

Cactus: "Here! Take it!"

Doom-shroom goes away.

Me: "Now why didn't I think of that..."

Sea-shroom: "I would've done that, if I had any sun to pay him with."

Me: "How did you get that much sun Cactus?"

Cactus: "I was saving up so I could spend it on a present for Andy."

Me: "I'm assuming Andy is the Armadillo you're going out with?"

Cactus: "Oh, er, yeah. Anyway, I thought it would be better to save someone's life using that sun. After all, I can start saving up again."

Me: "Thanks a lot Cactus! Well, I'd better go, I've got a lot of interviews to do!"

Cactus: "Bye Miles, and bye Sea-shroom!"

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