Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the plant lantern thing.

I'm still running from Doom-shroom, and I hide in some fog.

Doom-shroom: "Darn, there's no way I can find him! I'll have to wait until he comes out of the fog."

Me: "Sea-shroom, it's not safe for you to be near me while Doom-shroom is chasing me, I'll put you back in the pool at the next opportunity, okay?"

Sea-shroom: "No! I want you to keep carrying me around! Maybe we can go and see the sea!"

Me: "Fine...but I can't be certain you'll be safe."

Something lights up the fog. Thankfully, there's still fog between us and Doom-shroom.

Plantern: "Hello there! Are you here to interview me?"

Me: "Yes, hello Plantern! First question: Who are your friends?"

Plantern: "Garlic and Pumpkin. They always try to keep me safe."

Me: "What about Blover?"

Plantern: "He's my rival. We often try to see who's best. I'll try and light up lots of fog and he'll try to blow the fog away and we'll see who's best. Of course, I always win."

Me: "Of course."

Sea-shroom: "How do you eat darkness and excrete light?"

Me: "I was gonna ask him that!"

Plantern: "I...I don't want to talk about it..."

Me: "Doing some quick calculations, I can determine that you must be genetically mutated."

Plantern: "The odds are, all of us plants are mutated, because most plants can't shoot peas or spores or stars."

Me: "You're more mutated than the other plants, right?"

Plantern: "Fine, I'll tell you...I was altered by Zomboss, I used to work for him. Zomboss will pay anyone a lot of Zombucks to get rid of me!"

Me: "Ah...then, if Doom-shroom finds out you're here, he could get a lot of cash from blowing us both up."

Plantern: "He's after you too?"

Me: "Yeah, I dunno why, I must ask Zomboss next time I see him. Maybe he's after me because I love playing Dr. Zomboss's Revenge..."

Sea-shroom: "We'd better go Miles!"

Me: "Yeah, before Doom-shroom gets the guts to come into this fog!"

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