Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with Puff's aquatic cousin that no one except me seems to like.

I'm still stuck underneath Tall-nut as it turns to night-time...

Me: "(gasp)"

Tall-nut: "Oh no, Zombies!"

The Zombies eat Tall-nut and I escape into the pool. A Ducky Tuber shows up, but Sea-shroom shoots it a few times.

Sea-shroom: "Hi, I heard you were going to come and interview me!"

Me: "Yep! So, you've really never seen the sea?"

Sea-shroom: "Yeah, I know loads about it, but I never leave this pool. Kinda sad really..."

Me: "Do you have any friends?"

Sea-shroom: "No...the aquatic plants don't talk much and most of the mushrooms don't like me cause I'm different."

Me: "What do you say to people who like Puffpads, AKA, Puff-shrooms on Lily Pads?"

Sea-shroom: "I say that if you don't have room in your seed tray for me, MAKE ROOM!!!"

Me: "That's what I try and tell them too."

A black object in the water starts floating up to the surface. As it gets closer, I realize that it's...


Sea-shroom: "Oh no, is he here?!"

Me: "Don't worry, Tangle Kelp drowned him."

Doom-shroom: "No, he didn't!"

Me: "WHAT?!?!"

Doom-shroom: "I pretended to be dead by falling asleep, so he stopped squeezing me and forcing me underwater. I woke up just a minute ago and came up for some air. How lucky that you're in the water right now Miles."

Sea-shroom: "Is he your enemy Miles?"

Me: "Zomboss offered Doom-shroom loads of Zombucks if he blew me up. So far he's failed."

Fog rolls in, and me and Sea-shroom flee to the other end of the pool, so Doom-shroom won't follow us.

Me: "The Zombies are following us!"

Sea-shroom: "Wait, if Doom-shroom is working for Zomboss, he can't blow up the zombies, or Zomboss won't pay him, right?"

Doom-shroom: "DARN, now even if I find you, I'll have to make sure the zombies go away first!"

Fume-shroom shows up and blasts all the zombies with fumes.

Fume-shroom: "I've saved you Miles!"

Me: "No you haven't, now Doom-shroom will try and blow me up! Everyone RUN!"

Sea-shroom: "I can't leave the pool, so he could blow me up!"

I pick up a bucket left by a zombie, and use it to pick up Sea-shroom and some of the pool water.

Me: "Now I'll get you to safety!"

Find out if we escape next time...

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