Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the hottest and spiciest exploding plant of all time.

Me: "Hello Jalapeno!"

Jalapeno: "NNNNNGGGGG!!!"

Me: "OH NO, you're about to explode!?"

Jalapeno: "No, not this time, I was just kidding!"

Me: "That's not funny. I've been explodonated by Cherry Bomb and I've run from Doom-shroom, and I really don't want you to blow me up."

Jalapeno: "Okay."

Me: "So, what do you do to pass the time before you explode?"

Jalapeno: "I like waiting to explode."

Me: "Is that it?"

Jalapeno: "Well, sometimes I play with Cherry Bomb."

Me: "Okay...what zombies do you hate?"

Jalapeno: "Gargantuars, and those nasty Gigas! I try and make them burn into ashes, but they just keep on staggering forwards!"

Me: "What zombies do you like?"

Jalapeno: "Zombonis! Without them, most people would abandon me, because they're the reason I'm used! Although I also like Conga Lines. I'm often used to wipe them out."

Me: "Do you have any friends or family?"

Jalapeno: "Cherry Bomb's my friend. Chilly Pepper is my brother, but I hate him, we're exact opposites."

Me: "I know."

Jalapeno: "Wait a minute, when was the last time you used me on a Road Trip? Have you been using Chilly Pepper lately?"

Me: "Erm..."

Jalapeno: "Oh I so want to explode right now!"

Me: "Ah..."

Jalapeno: "NNNNGGGG...TAKE...THIS!!!"

He explodes. And I'm too lazy to find a good picture of the Jalapeno explosion, like I did with the Cherry Bomb explosion.

Me: "OUCH! HOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOT!!! Why do these exploding plants always try to blow me up? And why do they usually succeed?"

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