Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the tangled up tangling thing.

Me: "Hello Tangle Kelp!"

Tangle Kelp: "No one can see me..."

Me: "Hello?"

Tangle Kelp: "I'm totally invisible..."


Tangle Kelp: "Oh no! You can see me!"

Me: "I'm here to interview you!"

Tangle Kelp: "Why? Are you a cop? Not that I'm hiding from the police."

Me: "No, I'm not a cop. I've been interviewing all the plants."

Tangle Kelp: "Oh, okay."

Me: "Why do you pull zombies underwater?"

Tangle Kelp: "Cause I like it."

Me: "Is that it? Cause you like it?"

Tangle Kelp: "Yeah."

Me: "Why do you try to hide all the time?"

Tangle Kelp: "Erm...I'm shy."

Me: "Really? Are you sure?"

Tangle Kelp: "ALRIGHT, I'll tell you! I'm on the run from the cops! They think I drowned a human! But I didn't do it! I hide out in this backyard doing my job of pulling zombies underwater, but I've never harmed a human!"

Me: "You're on the run?"

Tangle Kelp: "YES, that's what I just told you, right?"

Me: "I'm kind of on the run too. Thankfully Doom-shroom falls asleep during the day."

Tangle Kelp: "Wow, you must be the first person to survive interviewing Doom-shroom."

Me: "How would you know, you're hiding all the time?"

Tangle Kelp: "I hear what the other plants say sometimes, so I keep up to date with what's happening."

Me: "Okay, well, one last question."

Tangle Kelp: "Yes?"

Me: "Why are you beginning to pull me underwater?"

Tangle Kelp: "You know too much!"

Me: "Help! Someone!"

Coffee Bean hears me, and dashes to help me, but bumps into Doom-shroom on the way.

Doom-shroom: "Yawn...I'm awake during the day! And I've gotta get Miles!"

Me: "Oh no! Just what I (glargle) STOP PULLING ME UNDERWATER!!!"

Doom-shroom: "He's defenseless, time to blow up!"

Another Coffee Bean shows up, dashes towards me, and makes me hyper enough to escape Tangle Kelp and Doom-shroom.

Doom-shroom: "Darn! Aborting explosion! By the way Tangle Kelp, why were you pulling him underwater?"

Five minutes later...

Doom-shroom: "Let go of me!"

Me: "Phew, Doom-shroom's doomed!"

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