Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the three-headed peashooting plant that I hate.

Me: "Hi Threepeater!"

Head #1: "Hi!"

Head #2: "I was supposed to greet him!"

Head #3: "No! We were supposed to do it all at once!"

Me: "Do you like reading?"

Head #1: "I LOVE READING!"

Head #2: "It's not as good as Backgammon."

Head #3: "And that's not as good as Jazz!"

Me: "I hear you like long periods of immobility in the park?"

All heads: "YES! Wait, we said that at the same time! And that! And that! Okay, other heads, stop talking! ARGH, we're still all talking at the same time!"

Me: "STOP! Now, Threepeater, why is your favorite number five?"

Head #1: "Cause it's two more than three!"

Head #2: "Cause it's three more than two!"

Head #3: "Just cause it can be my favorite number."

Me: "Do you play video games?"

Head #1: "Oh yeah, we love playing multiplayer!"

Head #2: "But Head #1, you always cheat!"

Head #3: "Yeah! You cheater!"

Me: "I see you fight a lot. Are you friends with the other peashooting plants?"

All heads: "We are only friends with Pea Pod, even though all the peashooting plants are our family, most of them make fun of us for having more than one head. Wait, we said that at the same time again! OH NO, STOP IT EVERY OTHER HEAD!!!"

Me: "Does it matter if you all talk at once?"

All heads: "YES!"

Me: "Well, that's all the time I have, bye!"

All heads: "Bye!"

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