Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the first ever aquatic plant.

I'm still running from the Doom-shroom, as the sun comes up. The Doom-shroom then falls asleep. Obviously.

Me: "Hi Lily Pad!"

Lily Pad: "..."

Me: "Hello?"

Lily Pad: "..."

Me: "I'm here to interview you!"

Lily Pad: "..."

A Peashooter gets planted on top of Lily Pad.

Peashooter: "Don't bother, he never talks, no one knows anything about him."

Me: "But I need to know if he has startling opinions or shocking secrets!"

Peashooter: "Like I say, he never..."

Lily Pad: "ALRIGHT, I'll talk!"

Peashooter: "OH MY GOSH, he's talking?"

Peashooter has fainted.

Lily Pad: "I hate plants, that's why I never talk. I hate all the plants that get put on top of me, I only like the aquatic plants."

Me: "Do you also hate zombies?"

Lily Pad: "Yeah, but not as much."

Me: "Why do you work with other plants then?"

Lily Pad: "Cause it's the only thing I'm good at."

Me: "Oh right."

Lily Pad: "Is that all?"

Me: "Yeah. Bye!"

Lily Pad: "..."

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