Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the mushroom that nukes the lawn. Uh oh.

Me (quietly): "Oh no...If this guy blows up like Cherry Bomb and Ice-shroom did, I'm doomed. No pun intended. (Out loud) Hi Doomy!"

Doom-shroom: "Don't call me that."

Me: "Okay. So, Doom-shroom, how exactly do you explode?"

Doom-shroom: "Look up how a nuclear bomb explodes, that's your answer."

Me: "Ah...right. I'm not in the mood for googling stuff right now, so next question: Why do you have to be awake to explode?"

Doom-shroom: "Because I choose when to explode."

Me: "Okay...what made you fight Zombies?"

Doom-shroom: "Crazy Dave pays me more than Zomboss."

Me: "Oh, right."

Doom-shroom: "If I was your enemy, you'd be dead by now."

Me: "Next question: Why can't you kill Gargantuars in one hit?"

Doom-shroom: "Cause THEY'RE TOO STUPID TO KNOW WHEN THEY SHOULD JUST STAY DOWN!!!!! Oh, I've just recieved an Email. (Checks Email) Oh, Zomboss is offering me 5,000 Zombucks if I blow you up. Sorry, nothing personal."

Me: "...RUN!!!"

Find out if I escaped next time...

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