Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the hypnotic mushroom.

Me: "Hi Hypno-shroom!"

Hypno-shroom: "Hello."

Me: "So, how does your hypnosis work?"

Hypno-shroom: "Like this: You are under my command, you will do as I say."

Me: "I am under your command. I am under your command."

Hypno-shroom: "Fetch me a cup of coffee!"

Me: "Yes master."

I fetch some coffee.

Hypno-shroom: "Now, how do I un-hypnotize? Ah yes, STOP DOING AS I SAY!"

Me: "Whoa, it was like I had no control over my body. I thought you needed to be eaten to hypnotize though?"

Hypno-shroom: "It's the only way to hypnotize zombies, but I can hypnotize others like I did to you."

Me: "I see."

Hypno-shroom: "Any other questions?"

Me: "How many friends do you have?"

Hypno-shroom: "I'm friends with Grave Buster, and some of the mushrooms."

Me: "Oh, I almost forgot, Grave Buster wanted me to give you his best wishes."

Hypno-shroom: "Tell him thanks! On another topic, I wish it was easier to persuade zombies to our way of thinking. I hold Brainaholics Anonymous meetings for the zombies, but only one in ten successfully give up brains."

Me: "I'd love to give you a hand, but I have another 83 interviews to make."

Hypno-shroom: "It's okay. Well, I've got to go, so bye!"

Me: "Okay, bye!"

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